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The 50 Most Beautiful People in WWE History Re-Ranked

Dean Ambrose on a “Most Beautiful People” list? Who knew! I would never picture Dean ranking on a list for his beauty in the WWE, but apparently the staff thinks he made the cut. I guess his unruly, bad boy, handsome looks are working out for him after all. If you want to find out why Dean made the cut, read below for an answer:

#42 Dean Ambrose

Okay, so Dean Ambrose is probably the last guy you’d want to see pulling up in front of your house to take your sister out for the night (considering the car would most likely be stolen and your sister wouldn’t make it back for a day or two). Still, it’s hard to deny the bad boy allure of WWE’s most unpolished Superstar. With his unkempt hair and shredded jeans, Ambrose constantly looks like he overslept and had to rush to get wherever he’s going, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look good doing it.

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WWE Power 25 for January 30th, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of WWE Power 25! According to the Academy of Wrestling Arts and Sciences (spiffy name), Dean Ambrose had a really tough week. Apparently, he did not do well in the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble Match, but we all know that’s a lie. Dean was one of the four participates remaining in the match and he helped out his former stablemate, Roman Reigns, win it. Also, Dean trekked on foot to the WWE Headquarters in a blizzard when Monday Night RAW was cancelled. However, Dean did not appear on Thursday Night SmackDown, which was a bummer for everyone watching the televised event. Overall, Dean had a decent week, so hopefully he’ll remain climbing the WWE Power 25 charts next week.

Last Week: 4 | This Week: 5 | Movement: -1

Dean Ambrose’s No. 25 entry for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble Match ultimately spelled doom for the Lunatic Fringe, who failed to join the only Superstar to win the marathon bout from the past: Hulk Hogan in 1990. That said, Ambrose did play an important role in helping former Shield ally Roman Reigns prevail.

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9 Superstars were asked to pick their ultimate tag team partners and the names of their tag teams. Dean Ambrose chose Stan Hansen and their tag team name would be The Outlaw Sheriffs. Dean seems to be going with the cowboy theme because Stan Hansen’s character was based around that. Read below what Dean has to say about Hansen and why he chose Hansen as an partner and why he chose their tag team name:

Whether it’s surviving a fall from Hell in a Cell or willfully leaping from a giant ladder, Dean Ambrose will do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. The hard-as-nails Stan Hansen made a career out of doing just that. And for a Legend who broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck and popped out Vader’s eyeball, he’s never needed to play by the rules. Only the toughest of the tough can survive in the old west, and nothing would be tougher than the outlaw team of Ambrose & Hansen.

Ambrose on Hansen: Stan Hansen would bring the power, the size, and the intimidation factor, but he’s wild enough that between me and him, things can get out of control very quickly. Matches could turn into all-out warfare, or we could use strategy and keep it in the ring. I can do a lot of the dirty work and set him up to be the big clean-up hitter.

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It’s not very often the show will be stopped for anything, but this week Mother Nature put the breaks on as she sent a blizzard to the east coast of the USA where RAW was due to film. Thanks to a travel ban being put on the roads due to hazardous conditions, RAW was unable to go ahead – well, it’s not much of a show without an arena full of fans. Instead, some of the crew and the wrestlers that made it to Connecticut from Philadelphia (The Rumbles venue) headed up to WWE Headquarters to do some interviews and in Deans case – inspect the Heating.

Well, he wasn’t going to be left out, even if he had to walk through a blizzard to get there. As he simply states, he’ll do anything just like he’ll do anything to get to Wrestlemania. After last night many of us were pondering what might be in store for the Lunatic Fringe next – seems he has a plan.

Uh oh.

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Next up, Kiss957 and they’ve got Dean in the hot seat about what to expect on the (now cancelled) Raw!

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Deans on the media rounds again after last nights eventful Royal Rumble, he talks Rumbling, RAW and more. Check it out below in 2 parts!

Original Link: HERE!

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Early on in the Royal Rumble match Fandango entered at #11, the number Dean had drawn on Smackdown and then switched with whatever Fandango had picked. Sneaky. Interestingly, 11 was Deans number last year – something worth noting. But that little point aside, Dean ended up arriving in the Rumble match at #25, a very respectable number indeed! Bolting down to the ring and instantly jumping on Kane, before getting in the face of Bray Wyatt and Rusev. Manic and ready for action, the melee continued with Roman Reigns and Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. However it was the eventual powerhouse team of The Big Show and Kane that ended up clearing house, dumping Dolph Ziggler over the edge and tossing out Bray Wyatt until eventually only Ambrose and Reigns were left to stand against them.

The two ‘Brothers in Arms’ took on the challenge, charging the two big men and doing their best to cut them down. But despite their efforts, Dean ended up on the receiving end of a brutal chokeslam from Big Show, then both he and Kane lifted him up and over, dropping him to the outside and eliminating him. Reigns was left to fight the giants alone and somehow he overcame – including a double ‘win’ of sorts after Rusev re-entered, having never actually been eliminated. With the help of The Rock, Roman went on to victory.

Something his brother will be proud of.

Or will he? Deans unpredictable like that.

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