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Noted Ring Names: Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth: December 7, 1985
Wrestling Debut: 2005
WWE Debut: Survivor Series 2012
WWE Titles Holding: WWE RAW Tag Team Championship (w/Seth Rollins)
WWE Titles Held: WWE World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship (x2)
Mini Biography: Dean Ambrose started his career back in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley. Earning high praise from independent companies around the world, he became a household name for the hardcore, holding championship gold in companies such as Combat Zone Wrestling. With his name capturing the attention of wrestling fans across the globe, Jon soon earned a developmental contract with the WWE. He then took on the name of Dean Ambrose and began the process of cementing his name in stone. Feuding with William Regal and Seth Rollins most notably on NXT, Ambrose went on to make his much anticipated main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012, coming in alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to make a massive impact in the main event, aiding CM Punk in retaining his WWE Championship. The Shield tore an unstoppable path through the WWE for over a year before going their separate ways and into singles competition. Dean first went after Shield traitor Seth Rollins for revenge, and then on to win Intercontinental and WWE World Heavyweight Gold. Described as “Fearless, wild and always unpredictable” as well as a “world class competitor and infamous troublemaker” – Dean Ambrose is the star to watch!
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Category: Pay Per View Results
Dec 14 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

Good things come to those who wait.. and who bust their behinds all year around. Deans patience finally paid off tonight at TLC as he sunk his claws in to the Intercontinental Championship, winning it from Kevin Owens in a hard fought match that made us proud. Well deserved and a long time coming, heres the match review from, and congratulations Dean!

Boston — You wanted a fight? Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose gave you one at WWE TLC 2015. Two of WWE’s most unpredictable brawlers went all out in a battle over the Intercontinental Title, but it was The Lunatic Fringe who proved to be the cagier one. Countering Owens’ Pop-Up Powerbomb with a breathtaking hurricanrana into a pin, Ambrose proved that precision beats power, and timing beats speed.

Strategy was exactly what Ambrose needed going into this fight with Owens. Had the Intercontinental Champion had his way, The Lunatic Fringe would have been too mentally rattled to beat him before the match even began. The cerebral warfare started the moment Owens walked through the curtain with a microphone in his hands and disparaged the Boston faithful before vowing to stomp out the cockroach that is Dean Ambrose. Those were fighting words, but The Lunatic Fringe didn’t immediately rush into a scuffle with the champion. Instead, he waited for the bell to ring and began unloading on his target. Both of these competitors have serious wrestling chops, but the opening minutes of this match looked less like a sports-entertainment contest and more like something you might see in the parking lot of a bar in the bad part of town.

Despite a frenzy from Ambrose, the early advantage belonged to Owens. The Canadian brawler dictated the pace by slowing his manic opponent down with chinlocks and cutting him off whenever Ambrose tried to work his way back into the bout. He may claim to be a prizefighter, but this was about more than just a paycheck for the Intercontinental Champion. Owens clearly enjoyed beating on his opponent. Of course, Ambrose is the type of competitor you’d have to hit with a Buick if you wanted to stop him by sheer force alone. It wasn’t long before he knocked Owens to the outside of the ring, and then nailed him with a reckless dive through the ropes. The Lunatic Fringe attempted to keep the pressure on Owens, but he was quickly blasted with a fallaway slam into the barricade followed by a running senton on the floor. It was a wildly effective offensive onslaught, which the champion capitalized on by rolling into the ring and waiting for Ambrose to be counted out.

It looked like Owens’ plan was going to pay off, but Ambrose managed to toss himself back in the ring a millisecond before he lost the bout. He was reeling, but Ambrose avoided a second running senton and then nearly knocked Owens out of his sleeveless shirt with his signature rebound clothesline. Ambrose came close to winning the title with a flying elbow from the top rope, but Owens somehow kicked out. The Intercontinental Champion took control with a rolling fireman’s carry slam from the top rope that obliterated Ambrose’s insides. Most Superstars would have been out for the count after that, but The Lunatic Fringe avoided the Pop-Up Powerbomb and scored with Dirty Deeds. It looked like Owens’ reign was over, but he hung on by reaching the bottom rope with two fingertips. Say what you want about the smug Superstar, but his ring presence is something to admire.

He ran out of good ideas after that, though. Owens should have taken a moment to gather himself. Instead, he went right back into battle and attempted to hit Ambrose with the Pop-Up Powerbomb for a second time. The Lunatic Fringe was ready, and he countered with a hurricanrana right into a pin attempt. Three seconds later and Dean Ambrose was the new Intercontinental Champion. The Boston fans — true admirers of a scrappy fighter — erupted as Ambrose grabbed the immaculate white prize and hoisted his title in celebration. Expect that championship to look a lot less pristine in the weeks to come.

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Nov 23 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE,

It sadly wasn’t to be Deans night as he defeated Kevin Owens in his quarterfinals match, but lost out to Roman Reigns in the final. Although it wasn’t to be Romans night either, as Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank and took the title straight out of his hands. An emotional turn of events for the Shield Brothers. Review from

Dean Ambrose promised to turn WWE into his own personal asylum upon capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. The Lunatic Fringe got one step closer to his deranged goal at Survivor Series after he defeated Kevin Owens to cement his place in the tournament finals.

Owens, however, was not a pushover for The Lunatic Fringe. The reigning Intercontinental Champion was supremely confident, taunting Roman Reigns before the match, reminding The Big Dog of his shortcomings this year before promising to ruin Reigns’ night in the final. Ambrose looked to have the upper hand in the early moments of the match, until Owens turned the tide with a big elbow to the jaw. The Lunatic Fringe tried to bring the bout back to a frantic pace, diving over the ropes to the arena floor. However, Owens squashed Ambrose in the corner with a cannonball to keep the match’s pace slow and methodical.

The bout turned into a back and forth affair, with both Superstars trading blows and throwing everything they had at each other. The match began to turn in Ambrose’s favor when he evaded a top-rope moonsault from the 270-pounder. Owens once again cut The Lunatic Fringe off, capping off a battle on the top rope by driving Ambrose recklessly into the canvas with a twisting suplex. Owens pounced on The Lunatic Fringe, seeing victory in the horizon. The Intercontinental Champion countered Ambrose’s signature rebounding clothesline with a superkick, but the unstable Superstar was able to counter the Pop-up Powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Owens charged at The Lunatic Fringe, but Ambrose was able to twist the prizefighter around and connect with Dirty Deeds to cement his place in the finals.

Before the battle, longtime pals Ambrose and Roman Reigns promised that it would be two best friends fighting for the richest prize in WWE at the end of Survivor Series. Which one of the former Shield members will walk out of Atlanta as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Mr. Money in the Bank spoiled Roman Reigns’ night once again.

Minutes after The Big Dog defeated his best friend, Dean Ambrose, to prevail in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned Reigns to snatch the title from him. It is the second time a cash-in has cost Reigns his opportunity at taking his place as WWE’s standard bearer. At WrestleMania 31, it was Seth Rollins who interjected himself into Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against Brock Lesnar and ruined his golden opportunity. Sheamus seizing the title has to sting all the more, though, as Reigns actually had the championship in his possession this time. The advantage of being the keeper of the coveted briefcase and its contract was never so apparent. Reigns fought his way through beasts like Big Show and Cesaro and even battled a man he considers a brother to get to the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The Celtic Warrior walked right in and took it.

It was a heartbreaking end to what should have been a defining night for Reigns. After defeating Alberto Del Rio in impressive fashion in the first match of the night, The Big Dog put his friendship with Ambrose aside and fought with everything he had to fulfill his dream of becoming WWE’s star player. The former Shield allies, who debuted together at Survivor Series three years ago, traded serious fisticuffs right from the start. Reigns hit the first power move of the match when he snatched Ambrose up and launched him across the ring in a raw display of power. When The Lunatic Fringe came right back with a frenzy of punches and kicks, the makeup of the match was clear. Reigns would rely on his strength advantage, and Ambrose would make up for he lacked in power with an overabundance of crazy.

Quickly, the brawl spilled to the arena floor where Reigns hurled his friend into the barricade with scary velocity. Whenever he was at the mercy of The Big Dog, Ambrose would take a major risk to put himself back in the race. This time, he dove out of the ring onto Reigns and then blasted him with a missile dropkick off the top rope.

The Lunatic Fringe wasn’t all manic showmanship, though. He employed a little strategy as well, targeting Roman’s vulnerable right arm that Del Rio nearly ripped out of the socket earlier in the night. Ambrose’s reckless abandon only took him so far. When he attempted another big dive from the top rope onto Roman, he got knocked out of his boots by a Superman Punch that nobody — including possibly Reigns himself — saw coming. It looked like Reigns had his opponent right where he wanted him as he readied to hit the Spear, but Ambrose — either by luck or by instinct — nearly reversed it into Dirty Deeds. Roman avoided that, but got blasted by a monster of a clothesline. Somehow, Reigns rebounded from that blow, and connected with a Spear that had to have shattered a few of Ambrose’s ribs. The gutsy Superstar wasn’t going out like that. Against all odds, he escape Roman’s pin attempt before the count of three. The pace slowed as each man willed their bodies to continue. Reigns went for another Spear, which was stopped by a kick from Ambrose. When he tried it again, he was sent careening into the ring post and then destroyed by Dirty Deeds. A three-count seemed elementary, but the big man still had some fight left in him.

Fatigue set in for both competitors. Each lay motionless on the canvas, struggling to answer the referee’s 10-count before trading punches while still seated on the canvas. They struggled to their feet between blows, and then kept on exchanging fists like they were rumbling in the parking lot of a sketchy bar. Reigns managed to back Ambrose up into the corner and began smashing his chest with shots that echoed throughout the Philips Arena. Ambrose willed himself back into the fight with hard knuckles to Roman’s head. but got so wrapped up in his offensive onslaught that he raced to the opposite corner, ricocheted off the turnbuckle and ran right back into one of the most destructive Spears Reigns has ever hit.

There was no kicking out after that. Three seconds later, and Roman Reigns had finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The new champion wore a mix of expressions on his face as he gripped the title in the center of the ring — pain, pride, relief. Nearly three years to the day since he made his WWE debut, Reigns had finally reached the mountaintop, joining an elite fraternity of men like his cousin The Rock, Andre the Giant and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Ambrose embraced his friend in the ring, showing there was still plenty of love and respect between the two warriors. They fist bumped, and The Lunatic Fringe exited, leaving the ring to Reigns to soak up his moment.

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Oct 26 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

Dean wasn’t in action tonight at Hell in a Cell, however he did stop by to pay Roman a visit after his win against Bray Wyatt. The two discussing future plans.. to go out and celebrate that is! Drinks on Dean after Romans battle, he’s going to need them. What’s next for this duo?

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Sep 21 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

Dean and Roman revealed their mystery partner to be the always enigmatic Chris Jericho, a man that’s had his own battles with Wyatt in the past. However, the choice would prove fruitless as an error in judgment on Jerichos part cost the team the match, after he tagged himself in and tried to take on Strowman himself. It ended in bitter defeat and after the match, as Dean and Roman confronted him, Jericho simply pushed past and walked away. A spit in the face of Dean for sure. Ouch.


Chris Jericho has waged some hellacious battles over the past two quarter-century, but nothing could quite prepare the decorated veteran for the latest, horrific incarnation of The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. There, at the sold-out Toyota Center in Houston, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and imposing newcomer Braun Strowman earned a decisive victory over Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and the brothers-in-arms’ secret weapon, Y2J.

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Aug 24 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

A turf war erupted inside the Barclays Center, and when the smoke cleared, the bond between Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose proved to be too strong for the reunited Wyatt Family.

The much-anticipated brawl started out at a breakneck pace, with all four gladiators slugging it out on the floor. After Reigns hurled The Eater of Worlds into the timekeeper’s area, Ambrose sprinted across all three announce tables and launched himself at the menacing preacher. The villainous pair of Wyatt & Harper quickly bounced back, however, and took over with a blistering series of destructive moves, including Wyatt dropping Reigns back-first onto the ring apron with a urinage.

Once order was restored, relatively speaking, and the action returned to the ring, Harper and Wyatt took advantage of quick tags, punishing Ambrose in the process. After a grueling struggle, the resilient Lunatic Fringe managed to tag The Big Dog into the match, and Reigns clobbered Harper with thunderous clotheslines and slams.

Having telegraphed his Superman Punch, Reigns soon fell victim to a targeted superkick by the Superstar with the hundred-yard stare, followed by a sit-out powerbomb. The New Face of Fear and his loyal follower’s subsequent attempt at a double team move, though, went awry, as Reigns broke free of Harper’s grip and connected with a Superman Punch on Wyatt as the sinister Superstar came off the middle rope.

Just then, Reigns & Ambrose showed off the teamwork that helped make The Shield one of the most dominating factions ever, connecting with a combination powerbomb/elbow drop that nearly ended the bout.

Amazingly, Wyatt rebounded and almost dropped Ambrose with the Sister Abigail moments later, yet Ambrose countered, hitting the Dirty Deeds and tagging in Reigns, who cut Wyatt in half with a powerful Spear for the win. With the huge SummerSlam victory, have Reigns & Ambrose finally put the threat of Wyatt & Harper behind them?

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Jun 15 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

Despite putting up possibly the match effort of his career, unfortunately it wasn’t to be Dean’s night as he fought Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship in a ladder match. However, Dean swears he’s not done in the chase for that title. Time to pick up and dust himself off. Here’s the review.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — He did it, and all by himself. Seth Rollins, who shoved The Authority to the side and shouldered the load of beating Dean Ambrose on his own, fulfilled his promise by scaling a ladder and reclaiming his stolen WWE World Heavyweight Championship from the man who may go down in history as both The Architect’s greatest ally and bitterest foe.

Rollins’ feat was all the more impressive because the match was an uphill climb from the word go. Beginning with his win at last year’s Money in the Bank event, The Architect had rarely won a big match without the interference of Kane, J&J Security or some other agent of The Authority. Facing Ambrose alone — apart from placing all of the glory and the blame on the titleholder’s shoulders — essentially robbed Rollins of his right- and left-hand men. The Lunatic Fringe took full advantage of his old running mate’s handicap in the initial moments of the match, hammering Rollins with a crossbody, chops and — after Rollins made a potential early play for a ladder — a corner splash-bulldog combo that gave him an early advantage. That advantage didn’t last long once The Architect incorporated the anything-goes environment into his plans, however. He intercepted Ambrose mid-sprint for an STO into the turnbuckle, then took the fight outside the ring for the first time. There, The Architect used the loose rulebook to get his first sizable lead of the match, powerslamming Ambrose onto the floor and hurling him shoulder-first into the steps. With Ambrose down, Rollins again made a move for a ladder. Again Ambrose rallied, suicide-diving Rollins halfway up the ramp before using that same ladder as a weapon against his onetime brother in black, stopping Rollins’ own response suicide dive short by see-sawing the steel full-on into his face.

In the wake of that maneuver the ladder was soon erected, and both champion and challenger scrambled to scale it in a back-and-forth that was short on style but long on brutality. The two took turns hauling each other off the ladder before Ambrose decided to flip the script, slamming Rollins’ face into the ladder and, after another tussle, turning the implement into a landing spot for a double-underhook suplex. After setting the ladder up again, Ambrose finally managed to scale it. Instead of using his position to seal the win, however, he decided to pay tribute to the heavens’ newest Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes, dropping a Bionic Elbow on Rollins from atop the rungs that sent The Architect sprawling … and right into the orbit of a steel chair. As Ambrose attempted to win the match in earnest, Rollins brought out the chair and hacked away at the lunatic’s legs, bringing him down to Earth and severely compromising Ambrose’s knee in the process. If Rollins was a man with both arms behind his back, his opponent was now, for all intents and purposes, a one-legged man in a ladder-climbing contest.

Sensing the proverbial blood in the water, Rollins ensnared Ambrose’s leg in the ropes and battering-rammed the ladder straight into the injured knee. Even as Ambrose attempted to mount an offensive front, Rollins went back to the knee, matching Dean’s Dusty tribute with an homage to Ric Flair by way of a pair of Figure-Four Leglocks. That Ambrose managed to muscle Rollins into a reversal of the second one was a testament to The Lunatic Fringe’s heart. The one-legged madman somehow kept pace, hobbling over to the ladder with Rollins in mid-climb and sending The Architect for a tumble. Had Ambrose possessed full use of his legs, he may have put the match away then, but a ladder-wielding Rollins was quick to double-down against his former brother. First he used the ladder as a shield against Ambrose’s rebound lariat then again trapped Ambrose’s leg in the crux of the ladder and went to town. Adrenaline took over at this point as the WWE Universe roared to life behind Ambrose, and The Lunatic Fringe began to unleash a frenzied attack on Rollins with no thought toward his own safety or pain, daring the champion to stop him if he could. Eventually, Rollins did just that, tossing Ambrose into a guardrail when the fight spilled into the assembled multitudes of the WWE Universe. Having presumably broken Ambrose, a battle-weary Rollins made his way to the announce area to grab a ladder. But Ambrose roared back through the crowd, sprinted across the announce tables and mauled Rollins to the ground.

The two competitors slowly made their way back into the ring, but not before that same ladder was bridged between the apron and the commentary table. It didn’t take long for Rollins to reveal his intentions, as he attempted to powerbomb Ambrose onto the steel. The Lunatic Fringe turned the tide on his opponent, backdropping Rollins onto the ladder and breaking it under the weight of The Architect’s body. When Ambrose’s next attempt to climb the ladder was again hampered by his hobbled leg, the fight again spilled into the commentary area, this time into the Spanish announce table. And while Ambrose very nearly took the traditional trip through the SAP station, he managed to avoid a Pedigree on the table and instead put Rollins headfirst onto the desk with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose made another pass up the ladder, which Rollins cut off by clobbering the injured knee with a TV monitor to bring Ambrose down to Earth again. Having been beaten within an inch of incapacitation, it was all Ambrose could do to literally bear hug Rollins’ legs each time he tried to climb the ladder. At one point he even managed to toss Rollins to the outside. That decision would cost him.

Fed up with Ambrose’s fighting spirit, The Architect threw The Lunatic Fringe face-first into what was left of the mangled ladder before delivering a pair of running powerbombs to the barricade on either end of the squared circle. After producing a ladder and a cluster of chairs beneath the ring, The Architect executed a third powerbomb, this one a running sit-out, atop the mass before burying Ambrose in plunder and heading toward the ladder with clear skies ahead. Yet Ambrose got up again. For the umpteenth time, The Lunatic Fringe made his way back to the ring and scaled the ladder, neck-and-neck with Rollins, until it came down to a literal Tug O’ War over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Both Superstars tore the title from its hook at the same time and fell to the mat. Whether Ambrose lost his grip in the fall or released the title due to the pain in his knee as he hit the ground was unclear. It didn’t matter, because Rollins kept his hold on the title literally, figuratively and in any other way that can be measured, not only retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but reclaiming it as well — just in time for a celebration with WWE COO Triple H at ringside when all was said and done. “Show them,” The King of Kings had commanded his student before the match, when Rollins’ self-doubt was at its highest. Rough a task as it was, Seth Rollins clearly took those words to heart. Not just to heart, in fact, but into the ring, up the ladder, out the door and all the way to the pay window, if you will.

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Jun 1 15
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos, WWE

A historic night in the career of Dean Ambrose that resulted in him laying claim to the top gold in the company! But.. it’s complicated. Due to a technicality, Deans win was changed from a clean pin to a disqualification which meant Rollins retained the title. Dean wasn’t about to let his victory be taken from him at the very last second, so with the aid of Reigns, Dean pulled another heist! Taking off with the WWE Championship and his DQ Win. Like it or not, Dean’s the Champion in our world! Get used to it.

Seth Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Kind of. On the one hand, yes. Rollins retained his title against Dean Ambrose in the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber by disqualification, ensuring he lives to fight another day as WWE World Heavyweight Champion even as he technically lost his defense. But he’ll have a hard time finding anything to defend, as The Lunatic Fringe made good on his Elimination Chamber Kickoff promise to “take” Rollins’ title, absconding with The Architect’s crown jewel moments after the bout and leaving Rollins a titleholder with no title.

How the contest got there is a complicated story involving two referees, an errant knee and a potentially eaten hat, so it’s appropriate that things started off innocuously enough: Rollins, flanked by J&J Security and Kane — acting in their “official” capacity — standing across the ring from a solitary Ambrose, whose planned backup of Roman Reigns was forced to steer clear of the bout or risk Dean’s disqualification. The Lunatic Fringe didn’t seem hampered by the lack of reinforcements; in fact, he appeared energized at the opportunity to take Rollins down by himself, tossing The Architect to the mat and plying a series of holds to weaken the champion in the opening moments. Once the advantage was established, Ambrose went old school to press the advantage, pulverizing Rollins’ chest with chops and a running dropkick before spiking him cranium-first into the canvas by way of a top-rope leg drop. The strategy wasn’t pretty, but it worked, which is partially why things turned south when Ambrose went fancy with an attempt to superplex Rollins off the top rope. Thanks to an assist from J&J Security, the champ wriggled free of his former Shield brother’s grip and plunged The Lunatic Fringe — himself entangled in the Tree of Woe position — into the mat with a stomp to the sternum.

The WWE Universe didn’t take kindly to Rollins’ tactics, showering him with derisive “Justin Bieber” chants that only drove the champion to play a more savage tune on his challenger. Rollins muscled Ambrose to the mat with a chinlock and, moments later, followed up with a textbook STO into the turnbuckle. With Ambrose knocked loopy, Rollins took the opportunity to pepper his old buddy with a few punches to the face and a corkscrew neckbreaker, the subsequent two-count of which led to a tense face-to-face between Rollins and veteran official John Cone, who will become very important to this story. Denied his pinfall, Rollins continued to batter Ambrose around the ring, though, it turned out Dean-o was merely just getting mad. A crossbody collision brought the fight back to an even ground and The Lunatic Fringe capitalized first, confounding the champion with rollup after rollup (Rollins, no slouch, answered in kind) and, ultimately, a wheelbarrow facebuster that pancaked The Architect face-first on the mat.

J&J picked this moment to interfere again by hauling their champion out of the ring and Ambrose followed suit instantly, lawn-darting the titleholder over the commentary table with a suicide dive. Rollins wouldn’t be taken down so easily, reversing a rebound clothesline into a backslide, though Cone caught The Architect’s foot on the ropes and stopped the pin count at two. An outraged J&J attempted to interfere and Ambrose dispatched them yet again, this time by simply shoving Rollins into both of his henchmen at once. The preoccupation gave The Architect a second wind, however; Rollins escaped a schoolboy and superkicked a kneeling Ambrose before climbing the ropes for a potentially match-ending attack. As Rollins began to dig deep into his well, Ambrose decided to keep it basic, simply punching Rollins in the face to counter any potential maneuver. Phoenix Splash? Punch him in the face. Sunset flip into a running buckle bomb? Punch him in the face. It was a one-stop shop strategy, true, but it had a shelf-life as well: Rollins recovered during a scrap outside the ring, hoisting Ambrose up and finally completing the running powerbomb, this time into the barricade. From there, Rollins set about once again emptying his arsenal, but didn’t account for Ambrose’s resilience: Each maneuver only got the champ a two-count.

What seemed to really drive The Lunatic Fringe into overdrive, though, was the trash talk: “It was never about you,” Rollins sneered during a particularly tense moment in the corner. So Ambrose decided to make it personal, clobbering the champ with a running forearm and a tornado DDT off the second tope. From there, Ambrose went for his leg drop again — miss — and Rollins countered with a flying knee — miss — and an enziguiri — got ‘em — that knocked Ambrose backward and straight into another rebound lariat — jackpot — that still only managed to get a two-count. Dean’s flying elbow again only notched two, but the champion was clearly on his heels and J&J ran immediate interference, giving Rollins life via a suicide dive that sent Ambrose into the turnbuckle. The Lunatic Fringe would not stay down. After the fight returned to the ring and as JBL cried that he’d eat his hat if Ambrose took the title — remember those words — the No. 1 contender recovered from another buckle bomb, exploding into a clothesline that literally turned Rollins end-over-end. He even neutralized the champ’s equalizers, punching J&J and Kane off the apron before taking flight with an elbow that laid waste to the gathered Authority.

With the brawl having spilled beyond the ropes, Ambrose continued his all-access tour of clothesline city by flattening Rollins with yet another lariat before taking the fight back inside the ring. As The Lunatic Fringe took flight for another elbow, Rollins dodged the attack and hauled referee John Cone into harm’s way instead. The official took the full brunt of the cartilage that was meant for the champion, removing him from the action and therefore unable to record the count when Ambrose dodged a Phoenix Splash and executed Dirty Deeds on Rollins. Luckily, a replacement referee was, reaching the ring in time to make the three count and give Dean Ambrose his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

At least for a few moments.

While Ambrose celebrated his win in the ring with the WWE Universe, Cone came to and conferred with his replacement, leading to a slight change to the decision: While Ambrose had won, the win was via disqualification and therefore Rollins was still the champion. The Lunatic Fringe, understandably beside himself, refused to surrender his title and was swarmed by The Authority for his defiance … until Roman Reigns’ music stopped the beatdown cold.

With no stipulation to restrain him, The Big Dog thundered into Corpus Christi and laid waste to the entire Authority, ceding the spotlight to Ambrose to make a dramatic exit as only he could: With a final kiss-off to the man who betrayed him — “I won this match. That means I’m taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship” — and an exodus through the crowd with stolen property in hand.

In other words, JBL’s still gotta eat his hat. And WWEShop’s got just the barbeque sauce for the occasion.

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May 18 15
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Sadly, it wasn’t to be the night Dean laid claim to the WWE Championship, Seth Rollins retaining by the skin of his teeth in the Fatal Fourway match. But whatever the outcome, this Main Event was a huge milestone for Dean and we’re thrilled for him regardless. Only now he’s had his hands on that shiny belt? We know he’ll have a taste for it. This won’t be the last time he takes a shot at it, we guarantee that! Heres the full review from!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is nothing if not an odds beater. The Authority’s golden boy has repeatedly faced the impossible since snagging the title — be it a showdown with an angry Brock Lesnar, or a Steel Cage Match against Randy Orton — and somehow he has managed to keep sports-entertainment’s most cherished prize around his eight-pack abs. At WWE Payback, Rollins faced his biggest challenge yet, a Fatal 4-Way Match against Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose — the three co-presidents of the “We Hate Seth Rollins Fan Club” — where Seth could have lost his title without even being involved in the outcome. On top of that, Rollins’ much-loathed Authority cohort, Kane, lurked at ringside, weighing his options on whether he wanted to help Seth win and maintain his role as WWE’s Director of Operations, or crush the kid like a bug and happily accept his pink slip from Triple H.

Rollins had a better shot at winning the Preakness than he did at leaving Baltimore with his WWE World Heavyweight Title. Yet, there he was at the end of the night, stumbling to the locker room with the championship in his gloved hands and a pained look of disbelief on his face. How he got there was just as incredible as it seems.

Twenty minutes earlier, Rollins had been an antelope on the Serengeti, hungrily eyed by the lions that were Ambrose, Orton and Reigns. Before the trio could sink their teeth into him, though, J&J Security swarmed, dragging the challengers out of the ring and starting a skirmish on the arena floor. Bodies collided with mosh pit aggressiveness as each competitor disappeared into a blur of swinging fists and stomping feet. Ambrose took the first risk of the match, launching himself out of the ring and onto Rollins and Orton. Then, it was Reigns, who took a running start and fired all 265 pounds of himself over the top rope like a Samoan scud missile. The champion became a prized punching bag in these early minutes. Reigns was the first one to get his hands on Rollins, rattling his bones with a beautiful tilt-a-whirl slam. Ambrose was in next with a big elbow for his onetime friend. Next, it was Orton, who broke up Dean’s pin attempt and started a fight with The Lunatic Fringe. The Viper looked for his RKO, but ended up with Ambrose’s arm nearly collapsing his larynx with a stiff clothesline.

The fight in the ring was ugly, but Rollins had no choice but to stay in the mix. If he made himself scarce for too long, he could miss an opportunity to break up a pin or submission attempt and that would be it. Things were not going well for him, though. When Ambrose and Reigns finally got an opportunity to beat up on their former Shield teammate, they savored it. The allies shared a fist bump before bumping their fists against Rollins’ forehead for the next few minutes.

The pummeling may have gone on even longer had Kane not involved himself. As Reigns readied to splatter Rollins across the canvas with a Superman Punch, WWE’s Director of Operations grabbed him by the leg and dragged him out of the ring. As soon as the monster launched Roman into the barricade, his intentions were clear. He was still playing for Team Authority. The forecast of the match was clearly altered at that very moment. Kane and J&J Security began battering all three challengers, allowing Rollins to get a brief respite, and then take control of the match. As Reigns and Orton got kicked by the suits at ringside, the champion picked apart Ambrose in-between the ropes. As soon as the brawler began to fight back, he was cut off at the knees. Dean may have very well connected with Dirty Deeds had Kane not entered the ring and chokeslammed him into oblivion.

From there, the ringside area became the focal point of the match, with all seven men chopping it up in front of a crowd that was ramping up by the second. Here, the bout’s most dramatic moment played out. First, The Viper dropped Rollins backfirst onto the barricade and then cleared off the announce table with even clearer plans to put the champion through it. Things didn’t work out that way, though. Instead, an impromptu Shield reunion took place as Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose suddenly began to work together with the military precision they displayed in their heyday. The three Superstars tore apart Orton and then — in the moment everyone will still be talking about tomorrow — put The Viper through a table with their signature Triple Powerbomb. Had the greatest trio in WWE history just reunited? No, although Rollins apparently didn’t realize it. The so-called Architect of The Shield tossed his arms around his former friends and then put his fist out, calling for the group to strike their classic pose. Ambrose and Reigns weren’t interested. Instead, they set about rearranging his face before putting him on the Spanish announce table and powerbombing Kane on top of him. When the table didn’t break, Roman snatched the big man right back up and slammed him right back down onto the champion. This time, the table exploded like a shed in a twister.

With that, Ambrose and Reigns were the last men standing. If there was going to be a winner, it was going to be one of them.

“Not much else to do,” Reigns said to his friend. “Loser buys the beers?”

That’s all it took for the duo to put aside their friendship, hit the ring and break into the kind of fistfight people were hoping to see out of Mayweather and Pacquiao. Quickly, a powerbomb from Reigns nearly netted him the title. When Ambrose kicked out, Reigns smiled. He admired his pal’s tenacity. The big Samoan came close to victory two more times. Ambrose kicked out after getting smashed by a Superman Punch. A follow-up Spear surely would have done him in, but Rollins put a stop to that. The ensuing action had given all the bodies at ringside an opportunity to find a second wind. Kane made his presence felt once again, decimating Ambrose with the steel stairs and then chokeslamming Reigns on top of them. In the ring, Orton took out both members of J&J Security with RKOs and then crushed Rollins with a draping DDT. He called for another RKO — the crowd going ape at the suggestion — but Rollins avoided it. Kane wasn’t so fortunate.

Rollins is the type of competitor who understands the value of an opportunity, and he saw one here. With Orton momentarily distracted, the champion kicked him in the gut and hit him with Triple H’s signature maneuver, The Pedigree. That was enough to keep Orton down and keep the championship with Rollins, who was joined in celebrating halfway up the ramp by The Game himself.

He didn’t do it alone, but Seth Rollins did it. Sooner or later, though, those odds are going to catch up with him.

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Apr 27 15
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Extreme Rules is Dean’s Pay Per View, and tonight he proves that once again as he goes 3-0 at the event by beating Luke Harper in a ‘Chicago Street Fight’ that quite literally took to the streets of Chicago. A much needed boost for morale, heres the review from!

CHICAGO – Ever since Luke Harper tossed him through a ladder like a ragdoll at WrestleMania 31, Dean Ambrose has been driven by retribution. At Extreme Rules, The Lunatic Fringe achieved it, and claimed victory in a Chicago Street Fight – a wild one that spilled into the very streets of the Second City! Harper hadn’t even made it into the ring before Ambrose went on the offensive. After the opening bell, the action almost immediately spilled to the outside floor, with Ambrose throwing his opponent into the steel steps. Wasting no time and taking advantage of the match stipulations, The Lunatic Fringe retrieved a bevy of weapons from underneath the ring. Mercilessly attacking with a Kendo stick, it looked as though Ambrose would take the victory before Harper could even mount an attack.

However, the sizable Harper proved his resilience, fighting back and suplexing his opponent through a chair – literally. Harper grabbed hold of the Kendo stick himself and retaliated for the earlier assault. Ambrose eventually recoveredand battled back and forth with Harper, though neither Superstar could take advantage of the contest. As the unorthodox bout raged back to the arena floor, Ambrose managed to commandeer another Kendo stick – once again furiously attacking Harper. As The Lunatic Fringe continued to strike, the two combatants made their way backstage, throwing anything they could find at each other. Harper eventually made his way into a parked car and Ambrose followed – diving through the very passenger side window as Harper sped away into the streets of Chicago – but the match could only end in the ring.

More than 30 minutes later, the vehicle returned to the Allstate Arena while new WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day celebrated their victory over Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. Harper spilled out of the car, while Ambrose missed an attempted elbow drop off the car roof, instead landing on Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods. The combatants battled backstage before once again making their way back to the ring. After tossing chairs into the sqaured circle, the two Superstars continued to brawl, but Harper was unable to secure victory after a powerbomb onto a chair. Attempting to end the match for good, Harper buried The Lunatic Fringe under a pile of chairs and made his way to the top rope. Ambrose recovered, though, and threw his opponent into the pile of chairs before executing Dirty Deeds for the victory.

No one has any idea where Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper went when they sped out of the Allstate Arena. All that matters to the WWE Universe, though, is that Ambrose claimed victory in a very brutal and unordinary match.

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Apr 26 15
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Dean gatecrashed the Extreme Rules pre show to let the WWE Universe know he’s out for Harpers blood tonight, if theres one man in the WWE that knows extreme, its Dean!