Noted Ring Names: Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth: December 7, 1985
Debut: 2005
WWE Debut: Survivor Series 2012
WWE Titles Held: WWE World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship (x2)
WWE Titles Holding: Intercontinental Championship
Mini Biography: Dean Ambrose started his career back in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley. Earning high praise from independent companies around the world, he became a household name for the hardcore, holding championship gold in companies such as Combat Zone Wrestling. With his name capturing the attention of wrestling fans across the globe, Jon soon earned a developmental contract with the WWE. He then took on the name of Dean Ambrose and began the process of cementing his name in stone. Feuding with William Regal and Seth Rollins most notably on NXT, Ambrose went on to make his much anticipated main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012, coming in alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to make a massive impact in the main event, aiding CM Punk in retaining his WWE Championship. The Shield have torn an unstoppable path through the WWE and at Extreme Rules 2013, Dean laid claim to his first taste of WWE gold, capturing the United States Championship. Described by WWE as "Fearless, wild and always unpredictable" as well as a "world class competitor and infamous troublemaker" - Dean Ambrose is the rising star to watch!
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Category: Pay Per View Results

With all the controversy leading in to The Rumble it was set to be a big night for The Shield and it certainly was, the boys showing up early on to cut another promo and warn everybody that they were a pack of dogs set to rip the Rumble apart despite knowing that they have 27 men they’ve terrorized for a full year in there with them. But that doesn’t deter them, heck, Romans still positive he’s winning. Something that Dean and Seth seem less than pleased about (View Promo Above!)

When the Rumble match rolled around, Rollins found himself in at #2 and up against the #1 draw CM Punk. We wouldn’t see Ambrose until lucky #11 and the second member of The Shield to emerge, running to the ring to aid Rollins, Ambrose was able to get two eliminations in quick succession, that being R Truth and Jimmy Uso, both men he’s fought with extensively over the past year. Roman entered soon after and the mayhem truly began, the trio eliminating left right and center for over 20 minutes until eventual and almost inevitable disaster struck. Dean attempting a ‘cheeky’ elimination on Roman saw him in hot water with his team mates. Roman went on to eliminate BOTH Dean and Seth at the same time, leaving himself in the match and his partners glaring back at him. A snarling Dean warned that he should never put his hands on Reigns again. Oh dear.

With Ambrose’ part in the Rumble done, it was down to Reigns to fly the flag of The Shield and he made it to the final two, unfortunately he was unable to overcome Batista and found himself eliminated last. So he didn’t get the job done that he promised. Something, I think Dean is secretly smirking.

Total Time in Rumble: 34 Minutes

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Website Staff
January 27th, 2014

Review From

Ahead of his 3-on-1 Handicap Match against United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, CM Punk seemed almost resigned to his fate. Fully expecting to walk into a “wholesale slaughter,” The Best in the World sounded all but accepting of defeat so long as he took down at least some members of The Shield in the process.

Instead, armed with strategy, patience and wherewithal, Punk exceeded even his own predictions and earned a hard-fought victory at WWE TLC. Perhaps more significantly, the lopsided match may have further contributed to an emerging crack in The Shield, leaving the cohesiveness of one of WWE’s most destructive trios in question. The bout, ordered by Director of Operations Kane shortly after Punk publicly criticized The Authority, allowed the three Shield members to tag in and out. Meanwhile, The Voice of the Voiceless — suffering from bruised ribs, thanks to a recent spear by Reigns — was left with an empty corner. He was not without support, however, as the Toyota Center broke into chants of “CM Punk” seconds after the opening bell rang.

Ambrose and Rollins took turns pawing at Punk, with The Straight Edge Superstar getting the better of each Hound of Justice. The momentum swayed with the entrance of Reigns, who muscled Punk into the corner and tossed him to the floor like a ragdoll. Reigns attempted to spear Punk outside the ring, but the savvy Second City Strategist sidestepped him, causing the black-clad warrior to barrel over the commentators’ desk. Reigns narrowly beat the referee’s count and re-entered the ring, but was clearly worse for wear, favoring his left eye which, replays revealed, had drilled a chair during the ill-fated spear attempt. Within seconds, the area around his eye began to swell, and once Reigns tagged out, WWE medical staff rushed in to assess the injury.

Punk continued to valiantly fight off the attack of Rollins and Ambrose, at times using their own momentum against them, but the numbers disadvantage proved truly debilitating. After a rapid series of offensive maneuvers, Punk began to lock the Anaconda Vise on Rollins, yet interference from the volatile Ambrose prevented The Best in the World from gaining a submission victory. Nonetheless, The Straight Edge Superstar kept his wits about him, reversing a butterfly superplex attempt by Ambrose and surveying the WWE Universe before launching into an elbow drop. Moments later, Punk dropped Rollins with the GTS.

With Rollins asleep, Ambrose then squirmed out of a second GTS attempt, only for Reigns—who had by then regained his composure—to take aim at Punk with another spear. Yet, Punk again avoided the impact, and Reigns inadvertently drove into Ambrose, leaving the United States Champion easy prey for a Punk pin … and underdogs around the world believing in The Best.

Where the match result leaves The Shield, as a unit, remains far less clear.

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Website Staff
December 16th, 2013

The Shield head in to Survivor Series hell bent on finishing out their debut year on a high note. It was at Survivor Series they made they debut last year, so a huge impact tonight is necessary. Ambrose starts things out against Rhodes and he’s on fine form, almost dancing around Cody and taking control swiftly, he begins to lose his temper, stomping down on Cody in the corner and forcing the referee to repeatedly pull him away, until eventually he’s all but wrenched in to the center of the ring by the Official. Dean takes exception to this and gets in the referees face, yelling at him that he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with and he needs to keep his hands off, a move that would cost him dearly as Cody moves up behind him and swiftly rolls him up, eliminating Dean within in a minute of the matches start!

Ambrose is enraged, yelling at the referee and anybody that will listen, while his teammates look in shock. Tsk, Dean, that temper of yours did you no good tonight. He decides to take it out on Goldust with a cheap shot, but ends up getting knocked on his backside by Cody and sent from the ring, leaving a humiliating first on this their anniversary. However, all was not lost for The Shield as an impressive showing from Reigns saw him outlast all of his other team mates and eventually take out 4 of the opposition with his deadly spear. Securing the win for Team Shield.. while Ambrose seethes quietly backstage. Oh dear.

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Website Staff
November 25th, 2013

After calling out United States Champion Dean Ambrose during the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff, Big E Langston certainly proved he was a formidable contender in a brutal contest that ultimately ended with The Hound of Justice intentionally getting counted out to retain the title.

Initially, Ambrose was reluctant to accept Big E’s challenge and for good reason. As the opening bell sounded, Langston immediately used his power to take down Dean Ambrose and score two near-falls. Eager to assert his dominance, Langston remained relentless in his assault on The Hound of Justice. Although Ambrose tried to take advantage with brutal knife edge chops, his massive opponent seemed unfazed and continued to use his strength to his advantage.

The United States Champion found some relief by wrangling his opponent to the outside and using both the ring ropes and steel post to his advantage. With Langston dazed, Ambrose methodically utilized his unorthodox grappling style to keep Big E reeling.

Nevertheless, Langston displayed a great deal of resilience, fending off a couple of attempted sleeper holds and shifting the match back in his favor. Continuing to mount the pressure on the Shield member with high-impact maneuvers, Ambrose tried to walk away from the contest. Big E Langston wasn’t going to let The Hound of Justice escape so easily, however, and he ensured that the clash continue back inside the ring.

Battling back and forth, Langston executed a huge spear through the ropes as Ambrose stood on the ring apron. Both competitors – wounded and battered from the physical contest – tried to recuperate on the outside as the official began to count. Langston was the first to regain his composure and make his way back inside the ring, followed by Ambrose, who staggered to his feet, realized he could escape with the U.S. Title intact, and purposely allowed the official to count him out.

Although Langston was declared victorious, Ambrose grabbed the U.S. Championship and tried to leave the arena. But, before he could escape, Big E captured the champion and executed his patented Big Ending before holding the U.S. Title high for the WWE Universe to see.


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Website Staff
October 28th, 2013

Despite not having a match of his own tonight, Ambrose was on hand to be in The Shields corner for their Tag Team match against the Rhodes brothers as their father, Dusty Rhodes. It was an emotionally charged match from the outset as Cody and Goldust fought to regain their jobs in the non title bout. Rollins and Reigns as fierce as ever even without the gold on the line. On the outside Ambrose repeatedly taunted and cajoled Dusty Rhodes, calling him an old man and telling him to go home. He was also on hand for some choice poisonous barbs directed at both Cody and Goldust as Rollins and Reigns controlled the outset of the matchup and cornered Cody.

Cody was eventually able to tag out to Goldust however and the arena all but exploded, getting behind the veteran much to The Shields chagrin. Rollins dodged a crossbody from Goldust and he ended up toppling to the outside where Ambrose threatened to attack, but Dusty and Cody fended him off and Goldust was able to get back in to the ring by the count of 9.

As things broke down in to the usual Shield melee, Ambrose found himself face to face with Dusty Rhodes once more, and on the receiving end of a Bionic Elbow! The American Dream whipped off his belt and struck Dean in the face with it, then threatened to whip him all the way up the ramp. Reigns attempted a save for Ambrose but Goldust thwarted that attack while in the ring, Cody hit Rollins with the CrossRhodes and picked up a crowd pleasing win for the family.

But I doubt Triple H and Stephanie will be so pleased about having to give them their jobs back. Will Ambrose and The Shield pay the price?

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Website Staff
October 7th, 2013

A highly anticipated rematch from Smackdown (and a highlight for the ladies watching no doubt!) tasked Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler with the challenge of waking up a dead Detroit crowd and with their fast paced antics they managed to succeed. Unfortunately I’m a sickly sick person this week and lack the braincells to accurately describe this match, so I refer you to’s write up and hang my head in shame!

United States Champion Dean Ambrose might not have instilled in Dolph Ziggler The Shield’s idea of “respect for the business,” but the rabid Hound of Justice nonetheless escaped Night of Champions with his title reign intact.

In a competitive outing defined by parity, the volatile titleholder narrowly avoided losing the stars-and-stripes title on numerous occasions before claiming victory at just under 10 minutes.

Early on, The Showoff bested Ambrose in an exchange of holds on the mat, before the pace quickened. The “slightly off” Ambrose, as Michael Cole put it, sidestepped a collision but then chose to mock Ziggler, for which The Showoff rewarded him with a pristine dropkick to the face.

The Showoff continued his assault, dumping the titleholder over the top rope and then cornering him with vicious knife-edge chops. The challenger’s enthusiasm got the best of him, however, and Ambrose coolly exploited Ziggler’s missteps, few though they were.

Despite Ambrose’s efforts to wear down his No. 1 contender, the tireless Ziggler fought on, at one point connecting with a top-rope X-Factor when Ambrose took too long to scale the turnbuckles. Moments later, the athletic wonder caught Ambrose with the Famouser, but the U.S. Champion — ever cognizant of his ring positioning — grabbed hold of the bottom rope to break the pinfall.

Ambrose clawed back into the fight, attempting to drill Ziggler head-first into the canvas with the move that has sealed so many matches for the unpredictable Shield member in the past. Ziggler squirmed out of the tight predicament and nearly pinned Ambrose with a lightning-quick rollup. The challenger’s subsequent attempt at a huge splash in the corner, though, proved unwise, as the Hound of Justice avoided the impact, locked in a headlock and planted his opponent’s skull into the mat for the three-count.

With his hope of recapturing the U.S. Title dashed for the time being, Ziggler must confront the reality of WWE COO Triple H’s heavy-handed leadership sans championship gold. Ambrose, meanwhile, continues his steady U.S. Championship reign, all while reinforcing The Shield’s reputation as enforcers not to be messed with.

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Website Staff
September 16th, 2013

Ambrose headed in to a hot arena with his usual cocky swagger to face the over the hill and past it Rob Van Dam. The match started out slowly with the two getting a feel for each other and trading back and forth moves without either getting an advantage, however the action soon picked up and Dean took control with his usual down and dirty brawler style. Grounding the high flying Rob and keeping him on the mat as well as attempting a handful of pinfalls.

Van Dam however made a comeback with his trademark kicks and seemed to have Ambrose on the run, the crowd breaking in to heated chants in support of both men. Just as it looked like Ambrose may well be on the losing end of the match up, his brothers in arms Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns made their appearance, stopping Rob before he could hit his Frog Splash. But Mark Henry and the Big Show weren’t far behind, evening things up before a brief commercial break.

Upon returning from that we find Ambrose in control of RVD but not for long, RVD taking Ambrose out on the outside and setting him up on the guard rail for a vicious spinning kick off of the apron. RVD tossed Ambrose back in to the ring and despite a comeback from Ambrose seeing an attempted pinfall thanks to a distraction from Rollins, RVD eventually seemed to have the match all sewn up, hitting his Frog Splash on Ambrose and about to go for a pin when Reigns hit RVD with his deadly spear. The referee spotted it however and promptly disqualified Ambrose. He may have lost the match, but the gold stays around his waist and thats what matters. Clever thinking as always from the devious Trio. Making a hasty retreat as Big Show, Henry and RVD swing for retribution and find none.

Aww, shame. Psht.

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Website Staff
August 19th, 2013

They don’t call it the city of brotherly love for nothing!

It was the return that Philly was waiting for… RVD, who? After a remarkable match where Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defended the WWE Tag Team Titles, Dean Ambrose returned to the sight of a city that once had a remarkable appreciation for some “Jon Moxley” fellow.  With CZW chants and a chorus of “Let’s Go Ambrose” filling the  Wells Fargo Center, Dean departed from his Shield members to wait in the corner as the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match opened the show.

A brawl that you would’ve seen in the Arena several years ago, all men of the ladder match went to blows in the opening portion of the contest. The Philly fans prominently fans of all things violent ate it up, as they rightfully should’ve, and things quickly spread apart. Tossed aside early on, Dean came back with a ravenous vengeance, interrupting the first climb of the ladder, but the Philly fan favorite was quick to interrupt his attempt, tossing Jack to the floor like yesterday’s trash. A brawl between Barrett and Dean was quick to follow; the two well experienced in all out fights, and neither man disappointed – giving their all to fight for the dominance.

The larger man managed to prevail, tossing Dean back to the outside until only one man was left alone once more, and the vicious veteran of the hardcore struck, and struck hard. Almost caught in a two-on-one offense on the ladder from the Real Americans, Dean kicked up the pace with a remarkable off-the-ladder DDT onto Swagger – a nonverbal “NOPE” in response to Swagger’s attempt of a Spinebuster.

However, the two-on-one allowed Antonio Cesaro time to climb up the ladder, and the two former independent sensations brawled until Cesaro managed to catch Dean with a rear naked choke – what a cheater, am I right?! The intensity was unrelenting, and Dean would return once more once another man was left alone – assaulting Fandango as he seemed to have things secure.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is when it all got real

Connecting with a Headlock Driver off the ladder on Fandango, Dean’s hunger was evident as he scaled the ladder; getting closer and closer to his imminent contract at the WHC championship – I mean, we all know that’s coming, right? But every party needs a pooper, and that’s why they invited Cesaro and Swagger. The two-on-one offense, however, wasn’t allowed – NOT in Philadelphia, and Dean was quick to shut both men down.

Clearing off Swagger and Cesaro, Dean placed the ladder around his neck – showing shades of Terry Funk – and cleared the ring until he was once more stopped by Cesaro and Swagger, who picked the ladder up, though it was still around Dean’s neck, but Dean was fast thinking, skinning the cat onto the ladder, but it was soon dumped to the floor, Dean laying in the carnage once more.

All signs pointed to the victory of Cody Rhodes, but Dean was quick to crush another the dream of the Son of the American Dream. The two fought violently on the top of the ladder, and Cody managed to win the battle, tossing Dean off until the Shield interrupted; Rollins and Reigns looking to assist Dean to his victory – something we won’t argue with, though… We know he could do it on his own. It seemed as if the victory was in Dean’s hands, until the Uso’s evened the odds; taking out the Shield, and soon enough, Dean took the spill of the night, getting shoved off the ladder to the outside into a crowd of men – making the most memorable moment of the night.

…The brotherly love that generally fills Philly’s streets soon came to an end, as Damien Sandow betrayed his friend Cody Rhodes while Dean and the rest of the men involved laid motionless on the outside. But don’t rest comfortably, Sandow… Your friend practically had to kill him to keep him down. Sleep with both eyes open.

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Website Staff
July 15th, 2013

After The Shield suffered their very first six man defeat on Smackdown, they really have something to prove heading in to Payback and Ambrose wasn’t about to let the team down. Stepping up against Kane for the United States Championship, the match was grueling from the outset for Ambrose as he gave up quite the height and weight advantage to Kane. He wasn’t about to let that stop him however as he used his quickness to out maneuver the Big Red Machine and get him on the run in the early going. However, Kane’s resilience shone through and he eventually turned the tides on Ambrose. Attempting to break him down with power moves, Ambrose remained defiant to the end, even attempting to break out The Undertakers Oldschool move on Kane! Kane thwarted this attempt and went on to dominate Ambrose, but he held out and as the action spilled to the outside, Ambrose displayed some of his true ‘manic’ style and slapped Kane in the face, then laughed at him!

Kane went to chokeslam Ambrose through the announce desk however Ambrose countered and hit Kane with his trademark DDT outside. With Kane down, Ambrose scooted back in to the ring as the referee hit the count of seven. By the count of ten, Kane was still on the mat outside. Dean earning himself a count out victory much to the chagrin of the crowd.. and Kane. But do you think he cares? Psht, a wins a win and he’s still got his paws on the gold.

Winner: Dean Ambrose via Count Out

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Website Staff
June 17th, 2013

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I’m finding it hard to put together a review right now because I’m an emotional mess but here we go. Ambrose gets his first shot at WWE gold a mere 6 months in to his Main Roster career, after such an impressive year so far including a debut Wrestlemania win it seems the sky is the limit for the trio in black, but will his first Pay Per View Singles match and first WWE Title match end in a victory?

Come on, did you ever doubt him?

While us here at chewed on our collective hats in nervous anticipation, Ambrose headed to the ring full of his usual cocky confidence and in an unprecidented move, bid Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns farewell on the steps! His Shield brothers leaving him to fight this battle for himself. And what a battle it was. Ambrose kept up with Kofi’s high flying and frantic style with his own hard hitting and brutal form, soaking up whatever Kofi had to throw at him and handing it back in abundance. He even brought back a submission we haven’t seen since his days on the indies, locking Kofi in to the Crossface Chickenwing and almost securing victory there and then. Kofi was able to wriggle out however and the match continued. Kofi eventually hitting his Trouble in Paradise kick to Ambrose and knocking him for loop, unfortunately for him, out of the ring! Kofi hauled Ambrose back in to the ring and went for a pin Ambrose kicked out of (God help our hearts). Kofi set him up for another of the kicks but Ambrose had it scouted and ducked out of the way, causing Kofi to hang himself up on the ropes and land painfully.

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Website Staff
May 20th, 2013