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Noted Ring Names: Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth: December 7, 1985
Wrestling Debut: 2005
WWE Debut: Survivor Series 2012
WWE Titles Held: WWE World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship (x2), WWE RAW Tag Team Championship (w/Seth Rollins)
Mini Biography: Dean Ambrose started his career back in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley. Earning high praise from independent companies around the world, he became a household name for the hardcore, holding championship gold in companies such as Combat Zone Wrestling. With his name capturing the attention of wrestling fans across the globe, Jon soon earned a developmental contract with the WWE. He then took on the name of Dean Ambrose and began the process of cementing his name in stone. Feuding with William Regal and Seth Rollins most notably on NXT, Ambrose went on to make his much anticipated main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012, coming in alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to make a massive impact in the main event, aiding CM Punk in retaining his WWE Championship. The Shield tore an unstoppable path through the WWE for over a year before going their separate ways and into singles competition. Dean first went after Shield traitor Seth Rollins for revenge, and then on to win Intercontinental and WWE World Heavyweight Gold. Described as “Fearless, wild and always unpredictable” as well as a “world class competitor and infamous troublemaker” – Dean Ambrose is the star to watch!
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May 4 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Smackdown, Videos

Here’s what you missed during the commercial break on Smackdown!

May 3 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Smackdown, Videos

The internet and indeed the world is abuzz with talk of The Shield and who can stop them, as of right now the answer to that question is ‘nobody’, but what happens when theres no hope left? You just have to pray someone kamikaze enough to not care is willing to step in and give it a go. This week Dean Ambrose – one of the most dangerous men to ever step foot in the ring because of his devil may care attitude and ability to absorb intense punishment – steps in to the ring with a man equally as dangerous. Kane has cut a vicious path through the WWE landscape for over a decade and the problem Dean faces is once you put family on the line, Kane doesn’t give a single damn for his own wellbeing, just so long as he gets to hurt someone in return. That’s a hell of a mountain to climb.

Ambrose and company start out the night with a confident message on the tail end of an attack on Kane’s Tag Partner Daniel Bryan, effectively negating his influence from the night. Dean accuses Kane of being misguided and reckless and that’s what’s going to get him hurt. They destroyed his brother, and his tag partner, Kane’s just another stepping stone on their inevitable path to gold. Later on in the night Kane is interviewed and leaves with a chilling statement that he doesn’t care what happens to him, he knows he’s walking in to a snake pit and he probably wont come out. It doesn’t matter. He’ll take as many members of The Shield as he can with him, a one way ticket straight to Hell.

As the match comes around The Shield are out first and Reigns has in his hand Daniel Bryans tag team title belt. The three men assemble in the ring and Dean oozes confidence as he squares up to the ramp and his opponent arriving. Kane charges the ring swinging his own belt and sends The shield scattering initially, throwing Reigns over the announce desk and Rollins in to the crowd, leaving Ambrose isolated in the middle of the ring. Kane begins a vicious beat down and controls Dean for a time, however Ambrose’ ability to think on his feet, take that punishment and bounce right back from it like a kicked Pitbull to tear your face (or mask) off, pays off. Turning the tables on Kane as he gets hung up on the ropes, Ambrose proceeds to pick Kane apart, focusing on his leg and knee. A monster can’t do much with no legs. Doubt Kane’s going to sprout wings any time soon.

With Rollins and Reigns recovered and back in his corner they goad Dean on but Kane makes a momentary comeback, hitting a chokeslam that could have put him down. Kane sets him up for the Tombstone as a sign of respect for his brother, but Seth jumps on to the apron and provides the distraction. Dropping Dean, Kane kicks Rollins from the ring and the action spills to the outside. Chaos breaking out again as Ambrose clotheslines Kane over the ropes, he finds himself slammed in to the announce desk for his trouble. Kane then hurls Reigns in to the steps while Ambrose rolls back in to the ring. As Kane gets back into the ring Ambrose is on him instantly and takes out his legs then hits him with one of his many finishers, a Snapmare Driver, to put Kane down for the three count. Ambrose’ first singles win on the WWE Roster.. I think that calls for a beer or 10. No, I’m not buying. Get your own.

Not satisfied with this victory however, Ambrose incites a riot and calls his brothers in to action. Kane briefly fights back but it’s not for long as they overcome him and hit him with their Triple Powerbomb to put him down for good. Ambrose in another flash of genius scoots out of the ring to grab the titles – damn they look good on him – and takes them back in to the ring. Handing one to Rollins, the show closes out on The Shield holding the Gold.

The belts are already theirs, the world just doesn’t know it yet.

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Apr 30 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Videos

Here’s what you might have missed during the commercial break on RAW!

Apr 30 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, RAW Results, Videos

Many thought The Undertaker would be the nail in the coffin for The Shield, after all if the greatest Legend of all time can’t put a stop to them who can? Well as it turns out, The Undertaker was unable to stop Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns after all and on RAW they arrive to the ring comfortable in the knowledge they have officially taken down the heart and soul of the WWE. They state as much, declaring that The Undertaker was the face of Justice for years, the very conscience of the business, but not anymore. The Shield have taken control of the Big Dog’s Yard and there’s nobody that’s been able to stop them. The Rock, Sheamus, Orton, Ryback and even the Champ himself John Cena have been unable to stand in their way. So who’s left?

Well 3MB of course!

Wait, what?

Yes, three men with an apparent death wish and ring gear that would make an 80’s hooker weep decide to interrupt The Shield’s declaration of dominance and inform them they have unfinished business for interrupting them on Smackdown when they attempted to attack Triple H. For this dire misdemeanor, The Shield must pay. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns crack their knuckles and prepare for this vicious onslaught. Thwarting it in a matter of seconds The Shield hand 3MB their backsides and are about to clear the ring when the deafening boom of Kane’s otherworldly fire erupts around them. Team Hell No heading down to the ring to get a little payback for The Undertaker. But the Shield retreat! Heading out through the crowd with sinister smiles on their faces. They know exactly what they’re doing. Those Tag Team Titles look awful shiny, boys.

Later on in the night the scheduled match between Ryback, Cena and The Shield is called off after John Cena is declared injured and Ryback walks out in a hissy fit (you forgot your purse!). This leaves Team Hell No wanting a match against the devious trio as retribution for what they did to Kane’s brother The Undertaker. Vickie grants the handicap match, but John Cena inserts himself back in to the match stating he’s just fine despite his injury.

The Shield start out the match up by assaulting their opponents but Reigns and Rollins are tossed from the ring and Ambrose is left to face Kane by himself as the match gets underway. Kane dominates Ambrose from the get go but he isn’t kept down, refusing to stay for even a one count as Kane makes a pin, Ambrose eventually tags out to Rollins but soon finds himself back in the melee and this time battling against an old indie enemy, Daniel Bryan. Team Hell No work fast and adopt some Shield tactics to keep Ambrose cornered, but a short tag in to the injured Cena shows the massive crack in Hell No’s offense. With Kane back in and attacking Ambrose, Ambrose plays possum and gets Kane to leap for him, only to tag in Rollins and hit Kane with the double team before making his escape. A commercial break cuts us off but we return to find Ambrose back in the ring and this time it’s him torturing Bryan. The Shield back in control they utilize their trademark tactics to keep Bryan isolated. But as Roman attempts to spear Bryan Bryan ducks and sends Reigns flying through the ropes to the outside, Daniel Bryan tagging in Kane with Ambrose back in the ring. Kane isolates Ambrose and throws him to the outside, tearing apart the announce table intent on putting Ambrose through it. But he has other ideas, taking Kane down and rolling back in the ring Kane’s almost counted out but gets back inside for the count of 9, only to be taunted by Ambrose who tells him “I beat your brother and now I’m going to beat you.”

Kane catches Ambrose in a choke but Ambrose is able to tag out to Reigns. Kane has no choice but to tag out to the injured Cena and that’s their downfall. Super Cena takes it to Reigns initially but as he lifts up Rollins for one of his power moves, the injured ankle gives out and he drops like a sack of bricks. A spear from Roman later, and Cena… and Team Hell No, are done. The Shield remain undefeated. Ambrose goes on to face Kane one on one on Smackdown!

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Apr 23 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, RAW Results, Videos

It’s not every day that Ric Flair’s swag factor is threatened by the arrival of the most terrifying trio in WWE history. Rushing from Cardiff to London, the Shield made their first appearance on tonight’s Monday Night RAW exiting a helicopter; assuring that they would be capable of making the show in enough time to confront the Phenom. Tearing off to the arena after landing, the Shield then went into warning mode; commenting on the match that rested before them…

A match with the Deadman, and two men of their past, Team Hell No. Absolutely confident that the Brothers of Destruction and Daniel Bryan would rest in peace, the Shield made it known that the legends were meant to be pushed aside. A new era had begun; one that didn’t need the presence of the veterans.

Nowhere near complete on playing mind games, the Shield then assaulted Team Hell No backstage – almost confirming that the match wouldn’t even take place. However, as the night rolled on, and the Undertaker sent the O2 Arena into a frenzy, the Shield’s plans were foiled. Catching the Deadman in a brief 3-on-1 assault,  the Shield were soon enough cleared from the ring as Team Hell No rushed out to even out the odds despite the assault that had taken place earlier in the night.

With all six competitors primed and ready, the referee then gathered all competitors to set the match underway. Starting things off with Daniel Bryan – a sight that brought back many Dragon Gate USA memories – Dean seemed to have momentarily lost the number of the current Tag Team Champions. In a sight we honestly never believed we’d see, Dean and the Undertaker soon enough locked horns – the legend not missing a step in his offense against the mouthpiece of the Shield. A cut off from the Heatseeking Missile only briefly allowed Dean a small amount of offense, before he was soon struck with the same move that had allowed him a moment of safety.

Another tag in to Kane soon enough allowed Dean a moment to breathe as he tagged in Roman Reigns, the match continuing in the same format. The Tag Team Champions proving exactly why they are the champions, continued with a series of quick tags, but the Shield’s number tactics and brilliant mind games allowed them the edge. Despite a burst of offense from Daniel Bryan, and soon enough, the wrath of the Deadman, the Shield reminded the WWE Universe of how dominant they truly are, even against the greatest of legends.

I do believe that that’s what they call domination.

Ever the busy men, the Shield made one final appearance on tonight’s edition of RAW. Coming out after a confrontation that was squelched by John Cena, the Shield still looked for blood. Cena leaving Ryback in the ring to give him a taste of his own medicine, the Shield looked to take out Ryback in the same fashion they had to the WWE champion one week earlier. Cena, however, showed a different stripe: Chasing the Shield away with a chair before things could get violent.

…Every party needs a pooper, and that’s why they invited you, Cena.

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Apr 19 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Smackdown, Videos

As Michael Cole and company discuss the inanity that is Ryback out at ringside, The Shield interrupt with a message on the titantron. Well, Dean Ambrose clicks his fingers and everybody listens after all. He quickly declares that Ryback has finally learned his place and wants no more of The Shields brand of justice so he’s decided to no longer stand in their way. Not helping John Cena is nothing more than self preservation for Ryback and that’s fine. The look we all saw on Ryback’s face on Monday was the very same look we all saw on The Undertakers face last week! Well, they were standing just three feet away from him, they would know! The Undertaker is afraid, terrified of facing The Shields brand of Justice and finally being put out of his misery.

The Undertaker might be a Legend to some and he might be undefeated at Wrestlemania, but The Shield are undefeated.. period. The Undertaker is not immortal and next Monday they’ll prove it on RAW. It’s time for The Undertaker to step aside and let the Hounds of Justice run the yard.

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Apr 18 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, NXT Results, Videos

After Corey Graves last week challenged any member of The Shield to a one on one match, Seth Rollins stepped up to the task being as the pair had history on the show, giving Ambrose and Reigns ‘The night off’. But what are the chances they’d really stay at home? Slim to none.

As momentum swung in the favor of Graves during the match, Ambrose and Reigns charged through the crowd and took out the 12 Lumberjacks surrounding the ring (yes, count ’em… 12. Even Dean’s surprised, check out what he says at the end of the video!) and then Ambrose went on to sneak attack Graves, setting him up for Rollins to pick the bones and pick up the win. The most destructive force in the WWE united once again. If 13 men can’t take them out, a giant and a viper and a pasty white dude can’t. Then who can?

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Apr 18 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, NXT, Videos

The Shield were featured as NXT Alumni in this great backstage look at the up and coming Superstars and Divas and their impact on Wrestlemania weekend.

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Apr 16 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Videos

Thanks to Hannah for the heads up!

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Apr 16 13
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, RAW Results, Videos

After resisting a call out from 3MB earlier in the show (which was keenly answered by Brock Lesnar instead, 3MB didn’t survive), The Shield also went on to ignore Team Hell No as they picked up a victory against the Prime Time Players, despite a massive match being announced for next week in which The Shield will take on Team Hell No and The Undertaker. It seemed as though maybe The Shield weren’t in town to deliver their brand of justice tonight, but they were just biding their time.

As the multiple time PPV failure Ryback responded to John Cena’s call out, the two postured in the ring for a time and Cena demanded Ryback earn his title shot (why should he? He only lost seven PPV matches in a row, surely that qualifies him #Sarcasm). Ryback chose to instead walk away from Cena and as he made his way up the ramp, The Shields battle cry struck. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns stalking down to the ring and hesitating as they surrounded Cena, looking to Ryback who simply watched from the ramp. The Shield attacked, viciously assaulting Cena while Ryback looked on. With Cena well and truly down, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns looked to Ryback for rebuttal but none came, Ryback simply walked further up the ramp and then turned to watch as The Shield struck Cena with their trademark Triple Powerbomb. Eventually Ryback left the scene completely and RAW went off air to the Shield standing united over the Champions fallen body.

Next week, there’ll be Hell to pay. Ha, get it?

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