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Dean Ambrose
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After making a tactical retreat on RAW on Monday after their intended target, the Legendary Undertaker, received help from Team Hell No. The Shield had a point to prove tonight as they stormed on to Main Event to take on Tensai, Brodus and Kofi Kingston. A possible match for our Trio? After all they have two heavy guys and one high flier, surely something to match each member of The Shield?

Hm, no such luck for them. The Shield were as on form as ever and despite the opposing team getting in a small amount of offense early on, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns quickly regrouped and set about picking apart their opponents in that swarm of hornets style of theirs. The commentators describing them as ‘Gnats at a picnic’.. well that’s not very nice is it! After a flurry of action and misdirection a spear from Reigns left Rollins to pick up the scraps and the win for the team.

Not content with just beating their opponents however, they had a message to send to The Undertaker. Triple Powerbombing Tensai and Brodus and clearing out the ring, they stood in their trademark pose and drew the battle lines. Will Undertaker respond?

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April 11th, 2013
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