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Dean Ambrose
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Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

Name: Jonathan Good
Ring name(s): Dean Ambrose, Jonathan Moxley, Jon Moxley, Moxley Moxx
Billed height: 6ft 4 (1.93m)
Billed weight: 225lb (102kg)
Born: December 7th, 1985 (age 30)
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
Billed from: Cincinnati, Ohio
Currently resides: Las Vegas, Nevada
Trained by: Cody Hawk, Les Thatcher
Debut: June 2004
Trademark Moves: Vicious Lariat, Slingshot Lariat, Running Lariat, Bow and Arrow, Superplex, Fujiwara armbar, Spike Piledriver, Vertical suplex powerbomb, Jumping Cutter, Inverted Headlock Suplex, Figure 4 Leglock, Modified Figure Four Leglock, Avalanche Double Underhook Suplex, Sit-Out Facebuster, Bridging Triangle Choke, Single leg Boston Crab, Snap DDT
Finishing Moves (FCW/WWE): Midnight Special (Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver), Regal Stretch (Arm trap cross-legged STF), Knee Trembler (Running knee lift to an opponent’s head), Headlock Driver (Dirty Deeds)
Finishing Moves (Other): Hook and Ladder (Elevated double chickenwing wheelbarrow facebuster), Moxicity (Spinning side slam), One Hitter (Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a DDT)
Notable Promotions: WWE, FCW, CZW, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Heartland Wrestling Association, Chikara, Insanity Pro Wrestling + More
Notable Alliances: Sami Callihan (Switchblade Conspiracy), Kamikaze USA (Dragon Gate USA), Trina Michaels (Dragon gate USA), Reby Sky (Dragon Gate USA), Joe Gacy (Switchblade Conspiracy, CZW), Christina Von Eerie, Cody Hawk (HWA), Jimmy Turner (HWA), Seth Rollins (WWE), Roman Reigns (WWE)
Notable feuds: Brain Damage (CZW), Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Homicide (CZW & DGUSA), Drake Younger (CZW), Seth Rollins (FCW/WWE), William Regal (FCW), Nic Gage, Chris Jericho (WWE), Brock Lesnar (WWE)
Tag Teams: British Militia (With Hade Vansen), Necessary Roughness (with Jimmy Turner), Royal Violence (with King Vu), Switchblade Conspiracy (with Joe Gacy and Sami Callihan)
Stables: KAMIKAZA USA (with Akira Tozawa, Gran Akuma, Shingo and YAMATO in Dragon Gate USA), The Shield (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in WWE)
Win/Loss record: Click Here!
Other: 2016 WWE Money In The Bank Winner

Title History
HWA Tag Team Titles (with Jimmy Turner) 2005/03/11 – 2005/05/13
HWA Heavyweight Title 2006/05/09 – 2006/09/05
IWA Tag Team Titles (with Hade Vansen) 2006/09/03 – 2006/11/11
HWA Heavyweight Title 2006/12/30 – 2007/01/02
HWA Tag Team Titles (with Cody Hawk) 2007/06/12 – 2007/06/16
IPW Mid-American Title 2007/07/06 – 2007/10/06
IPW Grand Title 2009/01/03 – 2009/06/27
wXw World Tag Team Titles (with Sami Callihan) 2009/10/03 – 2010/08/09
HWA Tag Team Titles (with King Vu) 2009/10/14 – 2009/12/02
HWA Tag Team Titles (with King Vu) 2009/12/19 – 2010/01/13
HWA Heavyweight Title 2010/01/06 – 2010/07/14
CZW World Heavyweight Title 2010/02/13 – 2010/08/07
IPW World Heavyweight Title 2010/03/10 – 2011/01/01
CZW World Heavyweight Title 2010/08/14 – 2011/02/12
FIP Heavyweight Title 2010/04/17 – 2011/04/12 (Vacated)
WWE United States Championship 2013/05/19 – 2014/05/05
WWE Intercontinental Championship 2015/12/13 – 2016/02/15
WWE World Heavyweight Championship 2016/06/19 – 2016/09/11

PWI 500 Rankings
Rank #447 in the 2006 list
Rank #371 in the 2007 list
Rank #471 in the 2009 list
Rank #103 in the 2010 list
Rank #102 in the 2011 list
Rank #253 in the 2012 list
Rank #26 in the 2013 list
Rank #18 in the 2014 list
Rank #13 in the 2015 list
Rank #9 in the 2016 list