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Noted Ring Names: Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth: December 7, 1985
Wrestling Debut: 2005
WWE Debut: Survivor Series 2012
WWE Titles Held: WWE World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship (x2), WWE RAW Tag Team Championship (w/Seth Rollins)
Mini Biography: Dean Ambrose started his career back in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley. Earning high praise from independent companies around the world, he became a household name for the hardcore, holding championship gold in companies such as Combat Zone Wrestling. With his name capturing the attention of wrestling fans across the globe, Jon soon earned a developmental contract with the WWE. He then took on the name of Dean Ambrose and began the process of cementing his name in stone. Feuding with William Regal and Seth Rollins most notably on NXT, Ambrose went on to make his much anticipated main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012, coming in alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to make a massive impact in the main event, aiding CM Punk in retaining his WWE Championship. The Shield tore an unstoppable path through the WWE for over a year before going their separate ways and into singles competition. Dean first went after Shield traitor Seth Rollins for revenge, and then on to win Intercontinental and WWE World Heavyweight Gold. Described as “Fearless, wild and always unpredictable” as well as a “world class competitor and infamous troublemaker” – Dean Ambrose is the star to watch!
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Dec 24 12
Published by Jen, Filed in

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Dec 23 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Power Rankings,

Finally managing to work themselves onto the Power 25 Ranking list after their epic battle at TLC, the Shield have now began their official climb. Despite their phenomenal victory, the boys only managed to come in at #22, but with time? We can only assure that they’ll shoot further up! The below is what the list makers had to say!

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns defeated Ryback & Tag Team Champions Team Hell No in an epic Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match Sunday, and catapult into the top 25.

Dec 22 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Jim Ross Says

A hot topic in the wrestling world, the Shield managed to get mentioned once more on JR’s blog. Below is what he mentioned on the exciting and unpredictable trio:

Sorry to be the old, proverbial wet blanket to some Twitter followers @JRsBBQ but it might be just a ‘little early’ to anoint @theshieldwwe as being the 2nd coming of the Horsemen, DX, etc just yet. However, I do think that @TheDeanAmbrose @WWERollins @WWERomanReigns are the freshest, most impactful newcomers to appear in WWE in recent memory. They are far from refined or where they need to be BUT they have the potential, each of them of varying degrees, to be outstanding. They are hungry and they are going to take the ‘spots’ of some more established, more experienced talents or it would seem. This Evolution, another viable faction by the way, takes time. It is a process that requires daily improvement and dedication. Sounds simple but it’s true. It’s as simple as most things in life….”Do Right.”

Dec 19 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Smackdown

During a match between Damien Sandow and Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio was curiously missing from Cara’s side and as the match came to an end, it became obvious why as The Shield once again invaded ringside. Roman Reigns producing from his pocket, Rey Mysterios mask! Tossing it into the ring to a stunned Sin Cara. The bell was rung and Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns made their move, getting into the ring and assaulting Sin Cara. Ambrose and Reigns holding him down for Seth Rollins to leap from the top turnbuckles and stomp his knee. The Shield left Sin Cara writhing in pain, a little more justice served. It was soon announced that Sin Cara had suffered serious knee damage and Rey Mysterio had been found assaulted in the locker rooms with a serious neck injury. Both are now out of commission thanks to The Shield.

Later on in the night after Brodus Clay defeated Brad Maddox in yet another attempt by the rookie to gain a WWE contract, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns attacked once again. This time beating down Clay and delivering their triple Powerbomb to the big guy much to the horror of Brodus’ Golden Girls at ringside. It seems The Shields attacks are getting more and more erratic, what are their reasons for tonights attacks? Someone give Ambrose the mic!

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Dec 18 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, RAW Results

Another RAW, another vile injustice as John Cena is handed the Slammy Award for ‘Superstar of the Year’, presented by the returning Ric Flair. Of course, CM Punk had plenty to say about this matter and stormed out to confront Flair and declare himself Superstar of the Year. Punk went on to say he could beat Flair one legged, to which the Nature Boy challenged Punk to do just that. Down in the ring, Punk battered Flair with his crutches before hobbling out of the ring, only for Flair to put the Figure 4 on Heyman. Cue, the harbingers of Justice. The Shield heading out through the crowd and down to the ring to put Flair back on the retirement list. Only for Daniel Bryan and Kane to interrupt, an all out brawl breaking out at ringside. However Kane and Bryan were quickly dispatched of and Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns turned their attention to Flair, threatening to put him through the announce desk (to CZW chants, hell yeah!).

Before they could go through with it however, Ryback emerged hell bent on revenge for TLC. With Kane and Bryan back on their feet, The Shield were quickly separated and fled through the crowd. Well, it’s better to pick your moments!

But I doubt this will go unanswered.

Later on in the night and backstage, The Shield unexpectedly assaulted ECW Veteran Tommy Dreamer, beating him down viciously and promoting the inevitable intervention from, of all people, Ricardo Rodriguez and Officials. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns barely batted an eyelid dispatching of them too, before taking their leave. Ambrose getting in one last kick on Dreamer before making his exit.

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Dec 17 12
Published by Jen, Filed in WWE

The Shield have an Official Facebook page now so head on over and give it a Like to keep up with their latest happenings and who knows what other madness!

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Dec 17 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Pay Per View Results, Videos

Early in the show we’re taken to another pre recorded message from The Shield in which they lay out their intent for the night, declaring Ryback reckless and dangerous for injuring CM Punk. It’s an injustice that Punk cannot defend his title at the Pay Per View and therefor, they’re going to ‘Feed’ Ryback more than he can handle tonight. They go on to call Team Hell No an insult to Tag Teams. That Tag Teams dont bicker and fall out and argue, but support each other and work together. They’re going to show them how its done. And it isnt just that these individuals have committed crimes against wrestling.. they just plain dont like them. It’s going to be a long night!

The match ended up not being the Main Event as it was billed, but what a match it was! Dolph Ziggler says he’s always the one to steal the show but he doesnt stand a chance tonight. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns showed off a unique entrance by coming in through the crowd to a rather ominous theme, and they didnt even get to hit the ring before the action was underway. Kane, Ryback and Daniel Bryan attacking as they hopped the barrier. Ambrose tied up with Ryback and soon ended up in the ring where he displayed a good dose of his utter fearlessness, standing up to Ryback with a grin on his face. Though he wasnt grinning for long as the animal overpowered him. Here’s where my review stops, because honestly at this point this match spiraled into such a display of complete awesomeness it’s impossible to detail it all without a replay right in front of me or a team of twelve writers to remember every single spot. So I’ll just say this. This match alone was worth the price I paid to watch this Pay Per View, and if you havent seen it you’re missing out on… yes, I’ll say it… match of the year.

Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns ushered in a new era in the WWE with a display of complete brutality and mayhem. Seeing Daniel Bryan finally get to step up against Ambrose and Rollins is the stuff of indie fan mark out heaven. From one crazy moment to another – suplexing Bryan off the precariously balanced table, to Kane getting utterly annihilated in the barrier, to Seth Rollins almost killing himself coming off a ladder thanks to Ryback, to Rollins and Ambrose securing the win for The Shield over Daniel Bryan – this match delivered on every level, from everybody. So SEE IT.

The Shield delivered on their promise to make history with this win. This makes me excited for the future. Thanks guys!

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Dec 14 12
Published by Jen, Filed in

Rounding out both teams are perhaps the match’s most unpredictable competitors, the volatile Kane and the seemingly unhinged Dean Ambrose. Though Kane’s tumultuous personal history is well-documented, far less is known about Ambrose. Just a taste of his tenure in NXT predecessor Florida Championship Wrestling, however, is more than enough to convince any non-believer that the scraggly-haired Ambrose is capable of eerily vicious outbursts.

Height: 7’0”
Weight: 323 lbs.
Signature moves: Chokeslam, flying clothesline, enzuigiri
Accomplishments: WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; ECW Champion; Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; Hardcore Champion; 2010 SmackDown Money in the Bank winner
Strengths: Wealth of experience (including in TLC matches); size and strength; remorselessness
Weaknesses: Short temper; the date “May 19”

Dean Ambrose
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hometown: Cincinnati
Signature moves: Kneelift, Crossface Chicken Wing
Accomplishments: Took William Regal out of commission in FCW
Strengths: Submission holds; stubbornness; brawling ability; ruthlessness; strategic; methodical
Weaknesses: Inexperience; lack of power maneuvers; hotheadedness


Dec 14 12
Published by Jen, Filed in Images, Smackdown, Videos

Hot on the heels of Randy Orton declaring The Shield had made a big mistake targeting him, it seems they preempted him and cut him off at the pass, quite literally! Attacking Randy moments before he was due to give a backstage interview, the trio beat him down and left him a broken mess amongst the remains of a table. It was later on revealed that Randy had suffered a separated shoulder and a concussion thanks to The Shields actions. Let that be a lesson, never threaten Dean Ambrose!

Later on in the night as Team Hell No joined in on Miz TV, The Shield again interrupted on the Titantron with a message from backstage, telling them their empty threats meant nothing and if they wanted to find out what happened when you threatened The Shield, they should just go and ask Randy Orton! Going on to inform Team Hell No they were some of the biggest perpetrators of injustice in the WWE and were to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. In 48 Hours, at TLC, justice will be served. Of course, Kane says ‘Why wait till Sunday?’.. dangerous gauntlet to lay down. Reigns says that’s finally something they can agree on, Ambrose leaves things on a vicious looking smirk and the cameras put down.

Team Hell No are left in the ring with the threat of The Shield hanging over them and it doesn’t take long for them to make their presence felt! Gathered at the Sky box they stand over the duo until splitting up and heading down through the crowd. Only for Ryback to make his miserable appearance (cant stand that guy), stopping Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns in their tracks. Ryback joins Kane and Daniel Bryan in the ring and hollers the only three words he was taught as a child. Reigns and Rollins back up, while Ambrose cracks his knuckles and tells them ‘See you Sunday’… phew. Getting a little tense in here boys!

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Dec 13 12
Published by Jen, Filed in have gotten the WWE Superstars to weigh in on the matches lined up for this Sundays TLC Pay Per View and on the subject of The Shield, it seems opinions are divided!

Maybe no match on the WWE TLC lineup holds the same level of intrigue as the Six-Man Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, which features the official in-ring debut of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. When it comes to making predictions, however, this bout appears too tough for some Superstars to call. Though some competitors declined to comment on the Six-Man TLC Match (whether for fear of repercussions or due to genuine uncertainty over who’s in the catbird seat, no one can be sure), caught up with two Superstars — former Nexus cohorts, no less — who had no problem offering their opinions.

Wade Barrett: Team Hell No & Ryback is a formidable team, [and] they’ve all got their individual strengths. Obviously, experience is on the side of Kane, Daniel Bryan’s an incredible technician, and you have the power of Ryback. And then you’ve got The Shield, who are kind of an unknown entity.

I really empathize with the position The Shield are in because I was in a similar position when I was leading Nexus in 2010 in the main event of SummerSlam, when we were taking on the WWE veterans. Unfortunately, on that occasion, it didn’t end well for us. I hope for the sake of The Shield they do a little better. I’m certainly pulling for The Shield, but if I’m honest, I think Team Hell No & Ryback got ’em beat.

Michael McGillicutty: I’ve got to go with The Shield. Those guys are a cohesive unit, and that’s what it takes to get victories here in WWE. Take a look at Team Hell No. Talk about a bunch of weirdoes, man. They don’t care about anything but themselves and who’s going to get the pinfall in a contest. Then you’ve got Ryback, and I still ain’t believing his hype. The win’s going to go to The Shield, bottom line.