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With Dean Missing in Action theres nothing to do but speculate as to what will happen upon his return. Our resident writer Austin Skinner is on the case again in our latest article, let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or in comments!

(MIA) Missing In Ambrose
By Austin Skinner

Where, oh where, has our Mr. Ambrose gone? In all truth, it seems Dean Ambrose is trying his hand at the big screen and that can mean big things for him (as well as any Ambrose fan). The entertainment business sure means a lot to WWE executives these days, as WWE has slowly become more of an entertainment company and less of a wrestling one. With that said, it is no secret that this movie to star Ambrose (titled ‘Lockdown’, being produced by WWE Studios) will prove to play somewhat of a factor moving forward with his career in the WWE.

For now, Ambrose’s Monday Night presence will be a nonfactor until the wrapping of the film (sometime later this month), leaving Seth Rollins to potentially pester on about him not being there. Fret not however, Mr. Money in the Bank, as the Lunatic Fringe still has your number! Ambrose has the potential to return at the upcoming Night of Champions event, but will he? Something tells me no. My gut tells me that you can expect to see Dean make a triumphantly turbulent return on the Monday Night Raw directly following that show (again, watch out Rollins). Upon Ambrose’s return to Monday Nights, I believe there are two possible scenarios that could take place…

As of late, Kane has been giving Ambrose quite the headache. With Kane being an agent of The Authority and a supporter of Seth Rollins, obviously Ambrose is an automatic enemy. Luckily enough for Kane though, Dean has prided himself on getting to Rollins and not really worrying about any other factor. I fear though, that this will come around to haunt the crazy man once he reappears. It isn’t hard to guess that Kane has been waiting for his moment to strike. We can probably expect for Kane to really start throwing his weight around and maybe even buy Seth some more time, as he keeps Ambrose more than busy for a few weeks. With Hell in the Cell being the next major event after Night of Champions, maybe we will see Dean Ambrose and Kane battling it out in an absolute war within the steel confines of a twenty foot cell! A victory over Kane in a Hell in the Cell match would surely keep the Authority at bay while Ambrose refocuses on Rollins following that event. So, needless to say, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this scenario unfold.

The other possibility would make things a little more complicated. For instance, perhaps Ambrose plans to kill two birds with one stone. Maybe, through his return, he will be ready to take on both Rollins AND Kane moving forward! He could end up really grabbing the Authority’s attention by showing them that he really means business with beating Kane and Rollins at the Hell in a Cell event. With the Authority reeling and angered, perhaps the loss and subsequent blame falls on Rollins’ shoulders. Due to this, Rollins is forced, by the Authority, to prove his worth and put his briefcase up for grabs against Ambrose! This would lead both men to another singles match with must-win situations attached and a future championship opportunity up for grabs.

One thing is for sure, when the crazy man returns, what happens immediately and what follows should definitely be worth the wait! There is still a vast amount of untapped potential to work with between Ambrose, Rollins, and the Authority. WWE realizes this and they are sure to act on it for the foreseeable future. So, sit back and relax for the next week or two during Dean’s absence. He’ll be back with some “Explicit Ambrose Violence” soon enough!

What direction do YOU think Ambrose will be headed once he returns?

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We previously reported that Dean will be attending RingsideFest 11 in New York City this October 4th, we’re thrilled to announce we will be giving away ONE Photo and Autograph Combo Package to a lucky winner of a prize draw! All you need to do is follow us on twitter or facebook at Retweet/Share a specific promotional image when we post it. The competition starts this weekend on Saturday and will run through to RAW on Monday. All entries will be pooled and one winner will be picked at random!

Please note you’ll be providing your own travel etc, we’re just providing you the tickets!

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We will shortly be adding a full subsite for Dean’s upcoming movie ‘Lockdown’ as more details become available, but in the meantime we’ve added a page to the site with information so far including cast members and shooting info. We’ll keep you fully up to date on everything as it happens – as usual!

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Posted on Aug , 28 2014 Filed under Lockdown, Site Update are polling again and this time it’s who the WWE Universe think will be in the World Championship picture in the next year. One of the top votes? Ambrose and his former Shield partners! Check out the other predictions above!

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dean_ambrose_rsf2014_logo_combo (1)

Dean joins a line up of WWE Superstars including Roman Reigns and The Bella Twins for the New York City Ringside Collectibles event ‘Ringside Fest 11′ on October 4th in Times Square, New York City. Theres plenty of options for photo and signature combos so head on over to their website to check out the prices and pick yourself up a ticket!

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After the events of last week the WWE Universe was left wondering as to the wellbeing of Ambrose, hoping to find out on RAW what had become of him. Unfortunately for us, Seth Rollins was all too eager to rub in our faces what had happened. Holding a ‘Eulogy’ for Dean in which he stated he wasn’t to blame for what happened, it was the fans that were to blame for picking the stipulations of the match. He summarised that Dean’s career would forever be defined by the words ‘What If?’ – What if he’d known his place and walked away when he had the chance? Rollins continued to gloat, saying he created the Shield and he had destroyed it, and we’ll never see Dean Ambrose again.

Roman Reigns finally decides to step in and get a little payback for his fallen brother, interrupting Rollins’ self celebration and coming down to the ring, quickly taking out Kane then turning his sights on his former ring partner. A brawl breaks out in the ring but it’s Rollins that’s left running for the hills as Reigns charges right through him. Reigns swears revenge for Dean but Rollins says he’ll take out Roman just like he took out Ambrose.

Later on in the night Reigns faces off in a handicap match against Rollins and Kane and as it looks as though he’s about to fall to the same fate as Ambrose, Reigns breaks free. Grabbing one of the cinder blocks and hurling it at Seths head. Again Seth bolts but vows Roman will meet the same fate as Dean eventually.

We all know this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dean Ambrose, though. Don’t we.

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It was announced last month that WWE Magazine would be ceasing publication after 30 years on our shelves. Naturally this makes the final issue a collectors item and something of a big deal, so what better way to have it go out than to put on the cover the three men that took out the likes of The Undertaker during their Shield run? Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns get their very first – and sadly, last, WWE Magazine Cover! Featuring an article on the three and their rise to the WWE Championship stakes, it’s a collectors edition to boot. A fitting way to end an era, showcasing the future.

The issue is released on September 16th in the USA, a little later in the UK and elsewhere. Make sure you reserve your copy now! Congratulations to Dean and the boys!

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After a bitter defeat at Summerslam you’d be forgiven for thinking Ambrose might go away and lick his wounds for a while, but that’s really not his style. As Rollins gloats in an interview early on during RAW, he finds himself on the receiving end of an unsolicited ALS Ice Bucket! Frozen to the bone Rollins turns to find the perpetrator – Ambrose – utterly unapologetic. “What?! Its for Charity!” Ambrose explains, before throwing the bucket in Seths face and launching in to an all out brawl. The two men have to be separated by backstage workers and as Ambrose is hauled away Rollins is restrained and swears he’s done with him. Later on in the night Rollins visits his parents Triple H and Kane to complain about Ambrose still being a thorn in his side. Triple H grants him a rematch and puts the stipulations in the hands of the voting fans at home. Rollins vows to ‘end it’.

As the Main Event rolls around the stipulations are announced as Falls Count Anywhere, suits Dean down to the ground. The pair barely get the bell rung before they launch in to one another and Ambrose and his hot temper quickly take control, manhandling Rollins around the ring and getting himself some much needed payback for everything that’s been done to him. The action quickly spills out of the ring and to the outside where Dean cracks his knuckles and gets to work. Beating Rollins through the crowd, on to the stage, down the ramp and back in to the ring. He introduces weapons next, grabbing chairs and kendo sticks from under the ring and going after Rollins with them in a vicious beat down That is until Rollins introduces him face first to a chair. This doesn’t hold Dean back for long though and it becomes a battle of the kendo sticks. Dean takes quite a lashing from Rollins, but he turns the tides and in true maniacal Ambrose fashion he makes Seth regret each one of those lashes. A failed pin attempt later and Dean truly begins to snap, grinning like a Cheshire cat and getting out of the ring he throws a whole hoard of chairs in to the center. Setting up Rollins for a suplex on to the metal pile from the turnbuckles, Rollins counters, turning it in to a Powerbomb and smashing Dean down on to his creation.

To Rollins’ horror, Dean kicks out of this devastating car wreck. It’s the arrival of Kane that turns the tides. Rollins turning devious, and going to the outside to grab a table, he sets it up in the ring and hauls Ambrose over to it, setting him up to curb stomp his head through the table. However it’s Dean’s turn to turn the tables as he gets to his feet and grabs Rollins, this time successfully suplexing him off of the turnbuckles and straight through the table! Once again things move to the outside and all hell breaks lose as Dean and Seth battle over the barriers and announce desks. Dean sets up Seth on the desk only to find himself in the clutches of Kane. Dean’s chokeslammed on to the desk and the plan of the Authority unravels. Kane pulling a cover off a stack of concrete blocks beside the barrier. Rollins delivers a curb stomp to Dean’s head on the table before Kane drags him down and sets him up, pinning Deans head to the concrete blocks as Rollins leaps off of the announce table and drives his head right through them. Shattered dust everywhere, Dean is out cold and possibly seriously injured. The referees call time on the match and Rollins is told he’s gone too far.

Dean is put on a stretcher, unmoving, to end RAW.

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This Wednesday on the WWE Network there’ll be a special aired named ‘Journey to Summerslam: The Destruction of The Shield’. Documenting all three members of the group since the split and following their path to the biggest Pay Per View of the Summer. You can check out the preview above and we’ll have full coverage here on the site as soon as it airs!

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Despite suffering what was deemed to be extensive head and spine trauma after being Curb Stomped through a pile of cinder blocks by Seth Rollins on Raw, Dean Ambrose has not only refused treatment but is reportedly missing after escaping WWE medical personnel altogether.

“As you saw during the match with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, toward the end of the match, Dean had sustained what we thought was pretty significant head and cervical spine trauma, so as a precaution we immobilized his neck, placed him on a stretcher and removed him from the ring area and brought him backstage,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann told

Dr. Amann went on to say that Ambrose’s exact injuries could not be determined thanks to his refusal of treatment, and further tests are impossible at this time as WWE trainers simply cannot find the notoriously unstable former U.S. Champion.

“At the time of bringing him backstage, he was responsive and was refusing transport to a local medical facility for further evaluation,” said Amann. “He had removed the straps and surgical collar, said he refused to go and we haven’t seen him since.”

Please stay with for more on Ambrose’s condition and whereabouts.

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