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Noted Ring Names: Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Birth: December 7, 1985
Working For: WWE
Debut: Survivor Series 2012
Mini Biography: Starting his career in 2004 under the name of Jon Moxley, Ambrose earned high praise from independent companies around the world such as CZW - he became a household name for the hardcore. Jon soon earned a developmental contract with the WWE. He then took on the name of Dean Ambrose and feuded extensively with William Regal and Seth Rollins on NXT. He went on to make his much anticipated main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012 alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to make a massive impact in the main event, aiding CM Punk in retaining his WWE Championship. The Shield have torn an unstoppable path through the WWE and at Extreme Rules 2013, Dean laid claim to his first taste of WWE gold, capturing the United States Championship. Described by WWE as "Fearless, wild and always unpredictable" as well as a "world class competitor and infamous troublemaker" - Dean Ambrose is the rising star to watch!
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Show: RAW March 17th, 2014
Match: N/A
Summary: Did Jerry “The King” Lawler use the “Yes!” Movement as his own personal court in his hometown of Memphis? Kane certainly seemed to think so, though The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations found his one-man investigation overturned by a truly unexpected enemy: The Shield. Kane had just summoned Lawler into the ring under the pretense of exposing him as Bryan’s inside man throughout Occupy Raw. That brought out The Shield, who at first seemed poised to put the WWE Hall of Famer down at the behest of The Big Red Monster. As it turns out, The Hounds of Justice were more than ready to bite the hand that’s scalded them in recent weeks, and instead turned their focus towards Kane himself, to the tune of a big old Triple Powerbomb. Now that’s justice.
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The Shield are in action on Main Event, click on to find out what they’re up to!

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An eventful start to the week for The Shield as a recap of Dean’s misadventure against Mark Henry is played, leading us into an interview with Renee Young and the men in black. Dean starts things out by announcing that he’s surprised Mark Henry even turned up this week for a match against Roman, after the beating he took last week. Something that Roman instantly scoffs at. Dean retorts with ‘Oh and I suppose you think you can do better?’ to which the annoyingly cocky Roman responds that he knows he can. Anybody else getting a little agitated with his arrogance? Yeah, us too. Dean throws his hands in the air and rolls his eyes, leaving Renee to change the subject to the Wyatts. Seth gets us back on topic and reminds the world once again they’re not afraid of the spooky trio, to which Dean reclaims Renees attention and waves his fingers in her face, telling her that the Wyatts are nothing but an illusion and their mind games don’t work on The Shield. Roman chimes in to end that the Shield don’t experience fear and they don’t back down. Believe that.

Later on in the night Ambrose and Rollins accompany Roman to his match against Henry. While he seems supportive, Dean remains ancy on the outside as Roman takes it to the big man. Initially getting his booty kicked, until a well timed Samoan drop followed by his Superman Punch and eventual Spear score Roman the three count – much to Deans dismay. While Rollins bounds in to the ring to celebrate with his partner, Dean hangs back, clearly annoyed. Getting in to the ring eventually to stand at Romans side, but theres no congratulating today. Instead Dean turns on Henry, kicking him when he’s down and forcing him out of the ring in true oldschool Shield style. The beatdown beginning.. alone. Roman leans over the ropes and asks Dean what he’s doing? Well duh, Roman. Doing what The Shield have done for a solid year. Attack and dominate. What, suddenly too good for that? Dean’s about to get in his face when they’re interrupted by The Wyatts.

Once again The Shield are united as The Wyatts speak from the Titantron, asking them if theirs is a cause they’re willing to die for, if they aren’t, they’ve already lost. This time Roman cuts them off, telling them to bring that noise to the ring. Wyatt seems amused and tells him they were thinking the same thing. Seconds later, The Wyatts are making their way to the ring. The Shield ready for them, the standoff begins again. Both teams across from one another waiting for someone to snap. Just as it looks like it’s going to, Bray orders his men to stand down. The Wyatts backing away yet again… mind games?

Later on in the night as Sheamus and Randy Orton battle, The Shield attack and break up the match. Leading to every member of the Elimination Chamber match racing to the ring. A brawl broken up by The Wyatts, appearing out of the darkness to stand across from The Shield. With tensions high, they finally explode. The two teams tearing in to each other as RAW goes off air.

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If you purchase the TLC 2013 DVD you’ll find this little gem in the extras! The Shield reflect on their loss at TLC against CM Punk, after Roman speared Dean out of his boots. He’s not a happy camper! Check it out!


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In SmackDown’s absolutely furious opening contest, three former World Champions – Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Christian – stood united against The Shield.

But, in the height of the all-out mayhem, The Celtic Warrior accidently hit his own partner with a Brogue Kick, sending Captain Charisma into la-la land. Roman Reigns then followed up with an earth-shattering Spear on the Irish Superstar, paving the way for United States Champion Dean Ambrose to pick up a huge Six-Man victory.

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With thanks to Laurie we have scans from this months WWE Kids Magazine which features a Q&A with Dean with all questions sent in by the magazines young readers. It also features a brand new promo shot, so make sure you check it out in the Gallery now!

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The Shield are in action on Smackdown, click on to find out what they’re doing!

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Our first sighting of The Shield this monday comes when we’re taken backstage to find the trio with roving reporter Renee Young, who asks them about their upcoming match against the Wyatts and the fact that Bray has had some pretty harsh words for them. A rather smooth Reigns tells her that actions speak louder than words while Rollins decrees that while the Wyatts speak in riddles, the Shield speak in absolutes. Ambrose picks up and says the only absolute is The Shield destroying the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber. Renee however, seems unimpressed. Turning her attention to Dean and his United States Championship and plainly asking him if he was ever going to defend it again? Indignant, Ambrose tries to enlighten the bubbly blonde that Championship matches don’t just fall out of thin air, theres a lot of red tape, a lot of paperwork, nobody is brave enough – to which Roman simply cuts him off and asks him what he’s talking about. Rude! Obviously Roman hasn’t held a Championship long enough to know what it’s like! Ambrose indignantly declares that he’s a fighting Champion and in fact he’ll issue an open challenge tonight to whoevers brave enough. Then, he stalks away, leaving Rollins rolling his eyes and Reigns amused. Psht.

Later on in the night Ambrose comes out with Reigns and Rollins behind him, entering the ring and issuing his challenge and at first there seems to be no takers – until the dreaded theme of Mark Henry hits. Ambrose suddenly looks like he’s regretting his decision, but stands his ground as the worlds strongest man lumbers down to the ring. Reigns and Rollins head to the outside as the match gets underway and first Dean attempts to out move Henry, only to find himself trapped and flung around like a ragdoll. He makes a quick escape to the outside and regroups with a pep talk from Rollins and Reigns. Back in the ring, he finds his stride and goes after Henrys injured arm, ripping off his bandaging and attacking it. Only to get tossed out on to the floor. He then finds himself manhandled on the outside, his head squashed against the post like a grape. Ouch. Once back in the ring, a lucky break sees Ambrose regain control and go after the arm again. He begins to get cocky, taking Henry down and grounding him. But sadly it doesn’t last as Henry simply uses his other arm to beat his way out of the situation. A worlds strongest slam later, and it looks like Ambrose is going to lose his title. Rollins to the rescue! The match is ended and Ambrose disqualified, but at least he gets to keep his gold. The Shield assault Henry and leave him on the outside, heading for the stairs.

Only to be cut off by The Wyatts. So begins one of the most intense standoffs in RAW history as both trios take a side of the ring. Like pieces in a chess game they move one step forward at a time, until Roman dares the Wyatts to get in to the ring with him. Bray almost does so.. but then on second thought, backs away. Taking his cohorts with him. Ambrose and Rollins join Reigns in the ring and stand ground as The Wyatts back off. Chills.

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Just a quick update on the status of the site, you may have noticed we’ve experienced a little down time over the last few days (You can follow us on Twitter for updates regarding issues like that as they happen) – this has been due to our server experiencing huge traffic, seems like Dean’s fan base is just growing and growing! As a result we’ve had to expand further and this has meant a handful of server upgrades that have caused the down time. Last nights upgrade was pretty major and we’re ironing out a few kinks as we speak. So please bear with us as we get these last little issues sorted out. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

- Jen


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