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Congratulations to the boys on the biggest win of their careers so far. With Evolution well and truly put out to pasture it would seem The Shield are the new measuring stick in the WWE. I don’t think there’s very much left to prove, they now take their place as the standard.. and I’m guessing all will have to pass through them in the future. Heres the match review from!

CHICAGO — Funny thing about the future — it has a way of becoming the past.

A decade ago, Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton — alongside Ric Flair — embodied the past, present and future of sports-entertainment all at once. They adopted the name Evolution for that very reason, which at the time was bad ass, but, in the wake of the events in Chicago, feels like a cosmic joke. At Payback, Evolution was the very thing that caught up with the collective of former World Champions, and it came in the form of three younger men in flak jackets and combat boots. In a No Holds Barred Elimination Match, The Shield beat the once unstoppable faction, sweeping their side completely in a lopsided three-to-zero victory that clearly illustrated which side adapted and which would perish.

Natural selection is never a pretty thing and that was certainly true here. When a match spills into the audience within the first minute of action, you know you’re in for a barnburner. And that’s what the rowdy Second City faithful got as WWE cameras struggled to keep up with three separate brawls in separate pockets of the arena — Reigns and Batista at the top of the entrance ramp, Ambrose and Orton at ringside and Rollins and Triple H slugging it out within an eyelash of fans. Eventually the six Superstars took a moment to breathe with each side manning their positions on opposite sides of the ring. There was a brief moment of strategic gamesmanship here — you could almost compare it to a chess game if chess was played by whipping the pieces at your opponent as hard you possibly can.

The advantage was The Shield’s at this point. Evolution may have been the better team to a man — more championships, more experience, more accomplishments — but The Shield was the better team, period. And the way they cut off Triple H in their respective corner and took turns teeing off on him (including Rollins busting out the late Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos triple suplex on him) highlighted that. But then the fight got ugly and Evolution showed what made them Evolution. Batista massacred Ambrose on the outside of the ring, pinballing him off the barricades with utter disdain. Somewhere in the Allstate Arena, Triple H knocked Rollins out cold with a piece of television equipment. With his partners both compromised, Reigns was left at the mercy of Evolution. Here was veteran wisdom on full display: they singled out The Shield’s strongest member, and then took him out with his own maneuver — a Triple Powerbomb through the Spanish announce table.

Ambrose and Rollins valiantly threw themselves back into the fight, but they would be neutralized again when Evolution unloaded on them with steel chairs at the top of the entrance ramp. A Pedigree from Triple H to Rollins on a chair on the concrete floor all but nullified The Architect. Back in the ring, Reigns found himself alone with Evolution once again — certainly no accident. At this point, Batista, Orton and Triple H made it clear that they weren’t just looking for victory — they were going to make a statement. Like three medieval sadists, they stripped Reigns off his flak jacket and shirt, laid him across the steel ring steps like a human sacrifice and took turns tearing up his back with kendo sticks. Reigns mustered a comeback by nailing Orton with a Superman Punch from the steps, but Evolution managed to put him down again. The numbers game — a term so often applied to The Shield — was continually used to describe Evolution in this bout.

When the fight made it to the top of the entrance ramp once again, Orton hit Ambrose with his draping DDT on the concrete floor. With that, all hope seemed to be lost for The Shield. And then Seth Rollins did it again. Materializing from out of thin air, The Mechanic flung himself from the top of the Payback entrance ramp set — in an act of mayhem reminiscent of his crowd dive at Extreme Rules — and took out all three members of Evolution at once.

Bang. That was the shot of adrenaline The Hounds of Justice needed.

From there, all six Superstars crawled — literally crawled — back to the ring where guys started dropping like teenagers in a “Friday the 13th” flick. Batista was the first to go after allowing Rollins to escape a Batista Bomb and getting speared into next week by Reigns. Rollins was almost next after an RKO from Orton, but Reigns once again saved his partner. The Viper went after that, taken out by Dirty Deeds from Ambrose onto a steel chair. Batista and Orton didn’t leave quietly, however. Orton slipped the sledgehammer to The Game, which Triple H used to turn out Ambrose’s lights. When he looked to do the same to Reigns, he turned his attention away from Rollins, who came off the top rope with a knee to The Game’s head. A second later, Reigns erupted out of the corner with another spear to pin Triple H and see The Shield score a clean sweep on Evolution.

And that was it. The takeaway? Experience can top a lot of things, but it can’t top hunger. And the growl of empty, insatiable bellies is what drove Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose to eat a buffet of former World Champions alive at Payback in Chicago. More than that? Be careful when choosing the name of your faction. It may come back to haunt you.

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On the eve of Payback our resident writer Austin Skinner has some thoughts on The Shields battle with Evolution and where it goes from here. As always these are his opinions and not those of the site on the whole, but be sure to let us know what you think in comments or on Twitter/Facebook!

The Next Chapter for Dean Ambrose and the Shield
By Austin Skinner

It is a very interesting time for Dean Ambrose and his brothers in arms that make up the rest of the Shield. Very recently, Dean Ambrose lost his United States Championship just shy of a year-long reign. But hold on, we’ll get there. Before I touch on how I think that’ll affect Ambrose specifically (as well as the Shield), I want to focus on what the Shield is actually up to right now.

To put it simply, the Shield has their hands quite full with Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista, collectively know as Evolution. Once the Shield made it clear that its own agenda wasn’t in favor of the Authority a few weeks back, the Evolution problem arose. In order to put down a very dangerous potential coo, Triple H reformed Evolution in an attempt to put down the rebellious trio. Several confrontations (both verbal and physical) occurred and finally a match was to be held. At WW Extreme Rules, the Shield would take on Evolution and it would be nothing short of chaos. Now, with the dust from Extreme Rules totally settled, the Shield has a solid victory over Evolution and a problem that is far from over. After a few singles matches between Shield and Evolution members on Raw, the conflict has only heated up and it is obvious that Evolution is far more geared up and ready this time around for their No Holds Barred Elimination tag team match at WWE Payback on Sunday, June first.

With all that said, where do I think the Shield will end up at Payback? I believe Evolution will have the day. How will it happen? Your guess is as good as mine, but my wrestling-savvy brain tells me that revenge for Evolution would be the most likely outcome for Payback. Will it be a cut-and-dry victory, I highly doubt it. The Shield has major momentum right now and a clear victory in favor of Evolution would affect it (not to say that it would set them back too much though, as it is Evolution we’re talking about here). As far as the feud between Evolution and the Shield is concerned, something makes me also doubt that Payback will be the final showdown between these two factions. It is a hot angle for the company right now and by a turn of events concerning Daniel Bryan, odds are, it will be the main event of the evening. Rumor is that Batista is supposedly taking some time off after Payback. Perhaps this fact will help shape the angle moving forward? Will he suffer an ‘injury’ at the hands of the Shield at Payback? Again, your guess is as good as mine. Only time will tell which team really is the most dominant entity in the WWE. After all, the WWE isn’t big enough for the two of them!

On the May fifth edition of Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose was dethroned as United States Champion after being thrown over the top rope by Sheamus during a battle royal for said championship. Every champion loses his title at some time or another, but in this specific case, I’m not sure I agreed with the decision for two simple reasons. Firstly, and the more nitpicky issue I had with the decision to take the belt from Ambrose, was to have him lose the belt almost a little over a week shy of his one year mark. Why keep it on him for this long only to have him drop the belt right before the one-year mark? This was kind of a lame decision in my opinion. At least let him claim a year-long reign to make it note-worthy before changing champions. Secondly, why Sheamus? In any event, Sheamus has already been established as a possible main event guy in the past years, why return him to the mid-card scene? There are plenty of guys currently in the mid-card scene that could have used the winning of the United States Championship as a launching pad to the next level (which many so desperately need). Why not try to legitimize a different underused or new mid-card guy by beating a long reigning champion and making a name for themselves that they could work with for a while? Why does the belt go to Sheamus instead? I can only hope that the decision was made so that the program Sheamus is working with Cesaro for the title now eventually has Cesaro win it to further establish his place in the WWE.

On the other hand, perhaps it was the right time for Dean to drop the belt. He and the Shield are working a major program with Evolution right now and the title would have only gotten lost in the shuffle. It has become somewhat of a showpiece for Ambrose to carry around and perhaps it was time to shed the baggage. After all, no member of the Shield needs a championship, as they are all established and fighting for a greater cause. It was an unexpected turn for WWE to take so soon but, hopefully, they did so for all the right reasons. I’d like to believe that to be the case.

What do you think about Dean Ambrose losing the WWE United States Championship?

Do you enjoy where Dean Ambrose and the Shield are in the business right now?

Let your opinions be heard below!

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The Shield kicked off Smackdown with one final message for the apparently absent Evolution. Rollins starting things out by saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in the case of The Shield they’re stronger and angrier than ever. After what happened on RAW, they’re certainly more focused. After a video recap Dean takes to the mic and tells Evolution it doesn’t matter what they do – beat them up, leave them laying, hit them with a sledgehammer in the head.. whatever, they’ll just keep getting right back up again. They don’t care, they just keep coming. At Payback the match is ‘anything goes’ and that means Evolution is going to find out just how far The Shield are willing to go to get the job done. I wouldn’t want to be in Evolutions shoes right now, not if you’ve followed Dean and Rollins through the indies. It’s about to get ugly.

Rollins takes over and reminds everybody the match is an elimination match, which means it could come down to just Triple H against all three members of The Shield. That could become a massacre. Last but not least, Reigns promises that Triple Powerbombing him on RAW was a big mistake. On Sunday they’re going to use every table, chair, kendo stick, kitchen sink they can. Evolution are about to become extinct.

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20140529_Shield_LIGHT_HPaa has a Top 10 Countdown of The Shields best Tag Team matches, as voted for by the staff and not the fans! Coming in at #1? The Shields Extreme Rules match against Evolution. Make sure you head on over and check it out, let us know if you agree! Here’s what they had to say about the Evolution match.

The moment everyone will remember from The Shield’s gonzo brawl with Evolution from Extreme Rules 2014 is Seth Rollins flinging himself from a balcony onto Randy Orton, Triple H and even his own teammate Dean Ambrose like some mad daredevil who was never told that ECW closed 13 years ago. But this whole ugly affair is worth revisiting.Unexpectedly chaotic — it wasn’t exactly advertised that the rules of this one were going to be lax — the bout found four of the six competitors fist fighting through the IZOD Center’s masses like barroom gladiators. The Hounds of Justice took the win after Roman Reigns speared Batista out of his limited edition Air Jordans, but the message here was more important than the mayhem. This wasn’t just a scrap; it was proof that The Shield were lovable antiheroes — like three Han Solos in combat boots. Reinvention like that is what keeps Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose going as the most captivating set in sports-entertainment.

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Dean and The Shield are in action this Friday on Smackdown, click on to find out what they’re up to!

Read more

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After chasing Evolution across Europe for the past two weeks, The Shield return to the US still hot on their heels and this time attend their first contract signing for the match at Payback. You hear the words ‘Contract Signing’ in a WWE setting it’s pretty safe to say you better pack a lunch because it’s going to be a long day, I can think of around zero contract signings that have ended well in the history of the company. The Shield come to the nicely set up ring in no mood for niceties, so much so, Roman swiftly clears the office furniture set up while Dean addresses Evolution – yet to show their faces. Dean claims tonight is historic because it’s the last time we’ll ever see The Shield and Evolution in the same ring on RAW, at Payback one team isn’t just going to be eliminated from the match – Evolution is going to be eliminated from the face of the earth. Strong words, but when have The Shield ever not backed them up?

As Roman continues his ring clearance, Rollins takes over the mic and labels the signing ‘nonsense’, declaring they should just get down to business. Before he can sign the contract however, Evolution interrupt. Triple H telling them that if they sign it it’ll be the last time we ever see The Shield on RAW. He says it’s a shame, he’s a great judge of talent and he’d regarded The Shield to be the future of the business. But now he was watching them sign their dreams away – did they really want that?

Rollins signs, handing the pen to Ambrose he (after a brief fight with the pen) scratches his name down on the dotted line. Romans last and he throws the contract at Triple H’s feet. The Boss picks it up and Evolution sign, Triple H once again reminding everybody that The Shield are done for, only for Roman to tell him to shut up! Get in the ring and fight. Evolution quickly confront The Shield and the showdown is on. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns temporarily get the upper hand however when Triple H introduces his ‘great equalizer’ – his sledgehammer – the tides turn. Ambrose and Rollins both put down in the ring, they drag Reigns out to the announce table and add insult to injury, Triple Powerbombing him through the desk. Evolution standing tall on the eve of Payback. What a b****.

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Show: Smackdown July 25th, 2014
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