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Interview from Deans November 21st media day in St Louis!

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After getting buried under a sea of chairs last night on RAW, Dean bounced right back and on to Main Event, where he got to take on ‘Concessions Kane’ once again. At least the Big Red Monster managed to leave his ketchup and popcorn behind. Dean tore straight in to his well known adversary, having defeated him several times before you can expect a fair amount of confidence on top of the usual. However Kane was in no mood for games and a well placed slap to the face threw Dean off. His chances of securing victory in the bout looking slim as Kane took out his frustrations. However, nobody absorbs punishment like Dean, and he bounced back and took Kane by surprise himself, rolling him up and picking up the victory before making a hasty retreat from the ring. A definite improvement on last night!

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Head on over to for the full video of Dean’s CBS Sports 920 Interview that took place last week. You can check out a clip above of Willie Springer taking a knife edge chop off Dean, just part of the fun!

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It’s all change for the WWE roster on the heels of Survivor Series. With The Authority overthrown, a guest General Manager was appointed for the night, in the form of Daniel Bryan! Amongst some very amusing rulings made, Bryan awarded Dean a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, currently in the hands of Bray Wyatts former protegee, Luke Harper. Thankyou Bryan!

Hyped up from his moral victory at Survivor Series, Dean tore in to this opportunity with his usual fierce abandon. Taking it to the larger man from the outset and getting Harper on the run. However the big man took what Dean had to dish out and turned the tables, things spilling to the outside where a brutal whip against the barrier took the wind out of Dean. Harper seemed to have things in hand but you should never count out Ambrose. He battled his way back in to the match and refused to stay down, to the point that Harper decided to take his title and leave! Dean didn’t allow this, hurling himself through the ropes and at Harper, getting him back in the ring. Out of pure frustration, Harper threw Dean in to the referee, causing Dean to be disqualified. Boo, hiss. Still, he wasn’t going to take that and struck back at Harper with a chair. He went back to the outside to get a ladder, tables and more chairs. Only to be attacked by Bray Wyatt! Wyatt hitting him with Sister Abigail and then tossing him over the announce table.

Turnabouts fair play, so they say, and Wyatt went on to bury Dean under a sea of chairs, before climbing over him and eerily gloating. You’re going to have to try harder than that to bury Dean Ambrose, Wyatt.

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Dean stopped by after his match to have a chat with Byron Saxton and let us in on his plans for Bray Wyatt going forward. They involve chairs.. lots of chairs.

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Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt tore each other apart in an enthralling battle at Survivor Series, but the war between WWE’s resident madmen is far from over, and at WWE TLC on Dec. 14, The Lunatic Fringe and The New Face of Fear will compete in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match!

The WWE Universe watched in awe at Survivor Series as Ambrose and Wyatt’s match deteriorated into an all-out brawl. Wyatt won by disqualification when Ambrose brought a steel chair into play, followed by multiple tables and a ladder. Now, the unstable Superstar and The Man of 1,000 Truths look ahead to the last pay-per-view of the calendar year, where they will fight in the WWE TLC’s infamous, high-risk namesake, in which tables, ladders and chairs will all be legal to use!

For weeks, the unpredictable enemies upped the ante in the head-games department, leading to the bristling physicality of their match at WWE’s fall classic.

How will the dynamic change once tables, ladders and chairs are legally inserted into the picture? In what new, crazy ways will these two deranged brawlers envision battering each other on Dec. 14? And to what degree will Ambrose’s experience edge in these types of contests — Ambrose made his WWE debut in a TLC Match, whereas The Eater of Worlds has never fought in one — make a difference?

Watch the mayhem unfold live on WWE Network and pay-per-view Sunday, Dec. 14, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT!

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Dean and Wyatt tore in to one another as promised tonight at Survivor Series, but eventually Dean cost himself the victory by his own choice, as he assaulted Wyatt with a chair, then added tables and ladders to the mix. A portent of things to come? Whatever may happen, Dean walked out on top tonight, victory or not. Heres the match review from!

At first glance, no two competitors are less alike than Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. But watching their brutality in St. Louis, no one can deny their obvious similarities. Unstable, unhinged and unpredictable, Ambrose exhibited his manic and frenzied fighting style. But Wyatt, cool as a cucumber on the outside, matched his opponent punch for punch, collision for collision. The opening minutes of the high-impact melee switched from between the ropes to the ringside floor, back to the canvas and to the outside again. Like one of Bray’s puzzling sermons or Dean’s staccato gesticulations, it was difficult to know where the battle would find itself next. But when Bray took advantage of a mistimed dive by Ambrose to the outside, the backwoods preacher managed to gain control.

Wyatt tossed his rival into the ring, landed a senton and locked Ambrose into an agonizing full nelson lock. Dean thrashed and escaped, and revved up like a Mustang GT in a Steve McQueen movie. But just as in “Bullitt,” it resulted in an explosion as he crashed head on into Wyatt in wild a full-speed collision. Feeling the effects, the two men once again found themselves at ringside where a double clothesline bludgeoned and took out both competitors. But just as the brawl was about to end in a double count-out, Wyatt and Ambrose slid under the bottom rope to avoid the 10-count. Ambrose landed a ring-rattling bulldog and realized he was now one step ahead of his twisted rival. It was this moment where everything changed. The Lunatic Fringe — who had until this point allowed his opponent to get inside his head — was now inside Wyatt’s. Mimicking Bray, he hung upside-down from the turnbuckles. It was a haunting moment for Wyatt, who is usually himself the haunter.

Astonished, Bray attempted Sister Abigail. Ambrose countered with a roll-up, but Wyatt kicked out. It was the beginning of a dizzying series of maneuvers and counters that saw Bray miss a slam to the mat, Ambrose miss a rebound clothesline from the ropes, and Bray miss another senton. For a moment, it seemed as though the match would continue without either competitor making impact. But The Lunatic Fringe finally scored the aforementioned clothesline and a top rope elbow to a standing Wyatt. But when Bray nailed a clothesline of his own that turned Ambrose inside out and back again, he followed that up with a brutal slam to the steel steps on the outside. Somehow, Dean was able to kick out of a pinfall attempt, leaving Wyatt incredulous.

He gnawed at his stringy hair, his eyes beginning to well up with tears. What would it take to put Ambrose away? He rolled to the outside and grabbed his weapon of choice: a microphone. “Why you doing this, man?” Wyatt pleaded. “It didn’t have to be like this, Dean.” Wyatt, questioning what he had brought upon himself, began realizing that he may have taken on more than he bargained for. Because in the end, Ambrose is as wild as Bray himself is. “Me and you, we’re special,” he revealed, and then followed it up with something more ominous: “I’m sorry, you chose your path.”

Reaching under the ring, Wyatt uncovered a steel chair and tossed it into the ring and Ambrose quickly picked it up. Bray dared him to swing away. Dean contemplated for a moment, but allowed the rage to bubble to the surface. He nailed Wyatt in the gut with the chair, and then blasted him on the back. Unconcerned that he had been disqualified; he then dropped the chair to the mat, and nailed Bray with Dirty Deeds to the steel. But Ambrose wasn’t done. He went under the ring himself and pulled out a table. A few moments later, Bray had found himself crashing through it by way of another top rope elbow. Like his own personal Home Depot, Dean lifted the apron again, finding dozens more chairs, tossing them into the ring, burying Wyatt alive under a pile of lumber and steel.

The Lunatic Fringe had gone off the deep end, but then, the coup de grace: a ladder. He climbed to the top, triumphant and signaling that this war was far from over. Like a beautiful 50-car pileup, Ambrose had chosen his fate, a disqualification loss, a brutalized Wyatt, and a TLC Match on deck for next month. Perhaps Bray was right. He and Dean are special when it comes to their methods of madness. But on the outside, they couldn’t be more different. And in this case, opposites attract.

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Yet another interview that took place during the tour overseas, Dean talks Survivor Series, Bray Wyatt and more. Recorded from a live stream so thanks to buffering theres a small glitch near the end. Will replace with better audio if we manage to get it!

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Another interview from the tour in Germany was released today, discussing the fans, the tour and more. Check it out!

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